2023-24 Rangers Regular Season

What Peter Laviolette said after the loss to Nashville

Peter Laviolette met with the media following the loss to Nashville and said (MSG):

  • “Obviously a tough night for us. We didn’t do enough of a lot of things to be successful tonight. That is frustrating and disappointing. I thought our speed was off, our compete was off and we’re trying to play a faster game, a game that goes north fast and I thought we took that away from ourselves with puck decisions and things that slowed things down, turned pucks over and now we’re going the wrong way. I didn’t like a lot of the decisions tonight. Just a lot of things that need to be better and they weren’t.”

  • “we still gave up eight odd-man rushes and two breakaways tonight and you are just not going to find success unless you button that up and that is something we’ve been talking about, something that needs to be addressed that is a topic everyday when we go into a game, to eliminate the high risk and standing in at the offensive blue line. We had the problem in Columbus as well, I thought we did the same thing and gave up too much, but in Columbus we competed hard and we attacked the net hard and we just, there were too many things. Tonight is different for me because there are a lot of components and aspects that aren’t good enough and are missing. With that you aren’t going to find much success.”
  • On pulling Shesterkin, “That was to get…Jonathan is going to play on the road, for one, the game had not gone how we wanted to that point. The odd-man rushes that we had given up against Shesty, even the first goal. I mean, he’s making saves and putting in second opportunities to score on breakways. It’s wasn’t a reflection of a move against him, it’s a chance to get Jonathan some work. He’s going to play as we head out on the road trip here. We just needed to be better tonight, that move is not a reflection on anything. “
  • On Quick’s performance, “I thought he was good. He came in and made some big saves, had some tough looks because of what we were doing in front of him and, again, getting into a game. He had been out for a little bit, to get into a game as we get on the road, I thought that was an important thing.”