2023-24 Rangers Regular Season

What Peter Laviolette said after the win over Seattle

Peter Laviolette met with the media following the win over Seattle and said (NYR):

  • On the game, “really good response, really good game from our guys. I like the way we skated and competed right from the drop of the puck, pretty consistent for 60 minutes.”

  • On eliminating turnovers from Thursday, “there are a loto f things we could have improved upon from the other night, so I think we improved upon a lot of things. I think we eliminated some of those turnovers, the forecheck was good, we kept them in front of us. They’re a quick team that wants to get off the mark and get behind you and I thought we kept them in front of us and it was a pretty good defensive effort and when we needed some saves Jonathan gave them to us”
  • What does it say about the team to respond like this, “it was, I think the guys talked about how it wasn’t what we were looking for the other night and we were all disappointed by it and from there we look for a response and it was a really strong response and a good way to start the road trip. A lot of work to do here on the road trip, but it’s nice to get that first one.”
  • On the lighting issues at the start of the game, “It was kind of crazy to be honest, switching ends, but we got the game off, it was good. Those things happen and you gotta roll with it sometimes.”
  • On Chytil, “We talked, just from last game, and there was a lot of looking into the mirror and I thought the response from our team was really good, but I thought  Fil really took charge tonight and showed some leadership in the way he played the game. He had a tremendously strong game, his line was strong, L af was strong, bread was really strong. I thought it was a good effort by their line.”
  • On the physical response tonight, “The other night there were a lot of things that were off and the engagement of physicality comes in different ways. It can just be a faceoff battle or it can be a puck battle, it can be hitting somebody, it can be sticking up for your teammate. There are a lot of ways that physicality comes into the game and tonight I thought tonight we were much more physical in a variety of different ways. That is something we talked about, if you’re not skating and you’re not competing, you’re not working, you’re going to lose and that’s it…unless your goaltenders stands on their head and so the guys really responded the right way from a game where we didn’t play our best and that was part of it.”
  • On how Quick played, “really good, I meant it wasn’t a lot of work and as he went on I thought he got better and he made big saves in the second and third. I thought he was sharp.”