2023-24 Rangers Regular Season

What Peter Laviolette said after the win over Winnipeg

Peter Laviolette met with the media following the win over Winnipeg and said (MSG):

  • “Big win, it’s a great way to end the road trip. It seems like we’ve been on the road for a long time. For the guys to throw in an effort like that in the last one, and to come back, is pretty amazing and we’re really happy with it. Great win.”

  • On killing off the penalty at the end, “4 on 3s on the PP are tough and I thought our PK did a really good job and they were in lanes and didn’t allow much of anything and I thought they did an excellent job on the kill and got us to a point where we could come out of it and play 3 on 3, 4 on 4 and then 3 on 3.”
  • On special teams coming through, “it was a huge goal to even it up 2-2 and I thought that was really important and so there were a lot of good things, a fairly even game. I thought they had momentum for a little bit, felt like we had it for a little bit, just kind of went back and forth and it was nice to get through that penalty and the 4 on 3 part in OT to see if we could do something with the rest of it. Just the end of a great trip.”
  • On winning all five for the first time in franchise history, “it’s awesome, anytime you can grab a record like that is pretty special. This franchise has been around for a long time and it’s a pretty big record and so the fact that we were able to take on 5 games and push through them with wins and head home is exciting.”