2023-24 Rangers Regular Season

What Peter Laviolette said after the win over Carolina

Peter Laviolette met with the media following the win over Carolina and said (MSG):

  • “Really good game, back and forth. I thought we took some swings in the first period, I thought they took theirs in the second, I really liked how we came out in the third and pressed, got a lead and then we had to hunker in and get it done at the end. There were a lot of good things especially coming off what we came through and coming back here, that happens sometimes where it doesn’t fit, I was happy with the start and the way we came out of the gate coming off that road trip. That is a good hockey team we played and guys competed and battled through that tonight, it was a real good win.”
  • On Fox and Chytil, “They are both going to be evaluated tomorrow. Adam has low body and Fil has upper body and we’ll see where they are at tomorrow.”

  • On the hit on Fox, “I was running the bench at the time, didn’t see it, saw it on the TV monitor quickly. When I went in and looked at it after the period, especially from an overhead, I didn’t like the hit, he’s trying to get out of the way and…I didn’t like the hit.”
  • On digging deep in the third periods, “Carolina has a really good team and a history of taking charge with pucks at the net and people to the net, they’ve been that way for 3-4 years and so the fact that we came out and I thought we played pretty good in the first period and then they took some licks on us in the second period. I really liked the start to the third period, we were on the attack and eventually got ourselves a goal. For me, that was really a good thing coming out in the third and trying to fight for a game and got that goal to go ahead and then at that point it’s about playing defense. They are going to fire pucks from everywhere, guys are blocking shots and getting pucks out, pretty detailed through the neutral zone and even in the defensive zone we gave up some flank shots and I thought Shesty made some big saves in there, in that stretch. I really liked the third period.”
  • On guys stepping up with Fox and Chytil out, “there is an emotional thing that goes with that too, talking about Foxy and Fil, a couple of key players for us. Then you see the buildup back in the third period and go back out there and continue to push on, I really liked the response from it.”