2023-24 Rangers Regular Season

What Peter Laviolette said after the loss to Minnesota

Peter Laviolette met with the media following the loss to Minnesota and said (NYR):

  • “Good start, tough middle, interesting game. Disappointing to not come away with points when you are up 3-0, or come away with the win. I think that is the frustrating part, we were in a good spot and think we lost sync completely when it was 3-0, just PK, PK, PK and they got some momentum off of those PKs even though they didn’t score. From there they pressed hard in the second period and even into the third. I thought the third was a bit more competitive, but the second we sat back too much.”

  • On the penalties taking key players off the ice, “not only that, I think they got momentum off of those PPs because they were in the zone and firing a lot of pucks and it generated and put some juice into the building and they fed off of that a little bit. At the end of the day we’ve got to do some things better defensively. I don’t think we skated the puck very well tonight, caught pucks and attacked ice. We’ve been doing that pretty well and did it really well last game and it didn’t seem to be great tonight.”
  • On Jonathan Quick, “I thought Jonathan was really good in net, especially in that first period. There were some breakdowns for us defensively and like I said, too many extended zone shifts where we are out there for a minute and a half, a minute-fifty standing and he’s having to make saves. We’ve got to push out and get quicker and defend a little more.”
  • “Ultimately I would have loved the fourth one…I guess that didn’t happen. Everything, we were out of sync a little bit. The second period, I just don’t think we skated very well tonight, when we are on our game, last game, I thought we skated really well, pushed the play as units of five and just too much standing with pucks and not supporting of pucks, battles and all of that needed to be better after the start of the game. The start of the game I thought was good, the PK is what it is and then it just kind of lost it’s track for us.”