2019-20 Rangers Henrik Lundqvist

Henrik Lundqvist on his love of NY, the rebuild and more

Henrik Lundqvist spoke with Jeff Marek and Elliotte Freidman at Sportsnet and said:

  • On who has impressed him so far in the informal skates, “we got the second overall pick this summer in Kakko and he is looking good. He’s big, strong, has good hands. I don’t want to put too much pressure on him this early but he looks like he is well prepared and I’m interested to see how we come together as a group. We signed some really good players over the summer, Panarin is looking really smooth, as expected, the next few weeks will be really important for us to get on the same page with the new players, young players and talk about our goals and what kind of pressure we can put on with this group.”
  • On what it’s been like the last couple of years, “last year was probably my toughest year and I count my 4-5 years in Sweden as a pro, almost 20 years, to be mentally in the right place and the type of expectations that you have and the type of pressure that you can place on yourself because in the end you want to win games. The love and respect I have for the organization is so big, I wanted to stay through this. I want to compete, I want to battle, I want to do what I can and obviously the goal is to still be around when we start seeing the light in the tunnel here and start turning the page and I think that this summer was an important one for the team and organization, it’s all looking good and we are coming into the season with some momentum.”
  • Did you think it could turn around quick, “it’s hard to say. My mindset is just taking it year by year, week by week but you don’t want to look to far. All I knew is that I want to stay in New York, be a Ranger. Like I said earlier, I want to be here when things turn around and we’re back on track. We had so many good years, we’re a relevant team and we’re in the mix every year and that’s where I want to be again with the Rangers. My biggest dream is still to try to win the Cup with the Rangers and I think we’re on the right track here with this summer and it’s up to us now to prove we’re turning the page, we’re improving as a group and as a team and to get back that excitement. That’s critical and I think that New York is such a fun place to play when you feel that excitement and it’s up to us, the players now, to bring it back to the Garden, to the fans. It’s a big step this summer, but now you just continue to build what the organization started here a couple years ago.”
  • On goalie platoons, “I think this conversation started 4-5 years ago and I thought, maybe the game changed, it’s so intense being a goalie and in the past you could play 3 in 4 and feel pretty good. To play 3 in 4 today is a lot and the last couple of years we have this discussion and I prefer not to talk about a number, it’s more that you go out and play and feel it out and don’t get too stubborn with needing to reach a certain number and same for the coaches. Sometimes you play a little bit more but you look at how the team is playing, how intense the games are. Sometimes you can play 3-4 games and you aren’t tired, sometimes you play very intense games and you are extremely tired. The number has dropped over the years and you are looking at 55 games, 60 games or less. The days when you played 70 games, I think those are gone, the game is much more intense today.”
  • What do you want your teammates to say about you, “I take a lot of pride in how I compete and hopefully they appreciate my compete level and desire to win every night and I love to compete in practice and take a lot pride in that as well.”

Lundqvist spoke more last week on a few of these topics as well.

2019-20 Rangers Jacob Trouba Rangers

What Jacob Trouba said about this coming season

Jacob Trouba joined Fox 5 this morning and said:

  • On his reaction to being traded to the Rangers, “I was kind of shocked, I was cooking dinner when I got the call and we didn’t really believe it at first and it didn’t really set in all summer and when we got here, it’s kind of real now and exciting.”
  • On the team he is joining, “it’s exciting, there is a little bit of unknown in how everyone will fit together, but we will try to figure it out as soon as we can in camp, but being a young exciting team with a lot of skill and talent, there is a bright future here and we want to try and get here as fast as we can.”
  • On feeling pressure, “there is always pressure, that is good, you want the pressure because you are doing something right if you have the pressure on you. With the players we have and the system we have, everything is there for you and you have to go out on the ice and perform and find a way to get some wins and get into the playoffs and then who knows what happens at that point.”
  • On his fiance, “she has a pretty wild schedule, she doesn’t know what type of doctor she wants to be yet, she is in her rotations now. She has new stories everyday for me and sees different patients and she is going to get here boards out of the way and then she will be a little less stressed.”
  • On how important his fiance’s career is to him, “it shouldn’t be more than doing the right thing for someone else. She has worked really hard and deserves to see all of her dreams come true. We set out a couple of years ago to find a way to make it work for both of us and hopefully we are on the right path.”
2019-20 Rangers

Another list of scoring projections for the Rangers this season

McKeen’s Hockey has the Rangers finishing this season 6th in the Metro with a record of 41-31-10 and 92 points.

McKeen‘s scoring projections this season have:

  • Artemi Panarin scoring 32 goals, 56 assists, 88 points in 81 games
  • Mika Zibanejad scoring 27 goals, 48 assists, 75 points in 82 games
  • Pavel Buchnevich scoring 28 goals and 33 assists, 61 points in 80 games
  • Chris Kreider scoring 26 goals, 26 assists, 52 points in 76 games
  • Jacob Trouba scoring 11 goals, 41 assists, 52 points in 82 games
  • Kaapo Kakko scoring 24 goals, 26 assists, 50 points in 75 games
  • Filip Chytil scoring 15 goals, 26 assists, 41 points in 79 games
  • Vlad Namestnikov scoring 10 goals, 22 assists, 32 points in 75 games
  • Adam Fox scoring 6 goals, 25 assists, 31 points in 73 games
  • Ryan Strome scoring 15 goals, 15 assists, 30 points in 78 games
  • Brady Skjei scoring 7 goals, 22 assists, 29 points in 82 games
  • Brett Howden scoring 9 goals, 18 assists, 27 points in 77 games
  • Jesper Fast scoring 11 goals, 15 assists, 26 points in 75 games
  • Brendan Lemieux scoring 13 goals, 9 assists, 22 points in 68 games
  • Tony DeAngelo scoring 3 goals, 18 assists, 21 points in 55 games
  • Brendan Smith scoring 5 goals, 8 assists, 13 points in 65 games
  • Vitali Kravtsov scoring 4 goals, 6 assists, 10 points in 31 games
  • Marc Staal scoring 1 goal, 9 assists, 10 points in 68 games
  • Boo Nieves scoring 4 goals, 5 assists, 9 points in 37 games
  • Vinni Lettieri scoring 3 goals, 3 assists, 6 points in 25 games

For more scoring projections, click HERE.

2019-20 Rangers

What the Rangers lines could look like to start the season

On the NHL Network on 8/8, they listed the Rangers projected lines for this season as:

  • Artemi Panarin – Mika Zibanejad – Pavel Buchnevich
  • Chris Kreider – Ryan Strome – Kaapo Kakko
  • Vlad Namestnikov – Filip Chytil – Vitali Kravtsov
  • Brendan Lemieux – Brett Howden – Jesper Fast

Lemieux is the only forward listed that is currently unsigned.

Lias Andersson, Boo Nieves, Greg McKegg, Danny O’Regan and Phil Di Giuseppe are all forwards that could start with the Rangers., as part of their series, previewing each team, has the Rangers lines listed as:

  • Artemi Panarin – Mika Zibanejad – Pavel Buchnevich
  • Chris Kreider – Filip Chytil – Kaapo Kakko
  • Vlad Namestnikov – Ryan Strome – Vitali Kravtsov
  • Brendan Lemieux – Brett Howden – Jesper Fast

The Hockey News Yearbook projects the Rangers to finish sixth in the Metro.

John Davidson said on Sirius Radio on 8/20 of the top-line, “Zibanejad is going to be the center, from there, that is why we have camp. Does Panarin, on the left side and being a right handed shot, does he fit better with the right winger being a left handed shot or a right handed shot? These are things that we will figure out as we march along and find out what young players are ready to play. Is Kravtsov, Kakko ready to go? ”

Adam Rotter: We know that Zibanejad and Panarin will play together and that Pavel Buchnevich will likely be on the other side in what the Rangers hope will be the Russians on the outside, Swede in the middle version of the Jaromir Jagr, Michael Nylander, Marty Straka line (Czechs on the outside, Swede in the middle) from after the 2005-06 lockout. Outside of that, and Chris Kreider being the second line LW, roles and roster spots could be jumbled in a variety of different ways. If Kreider, and Vlad Namestnikov, are with the team to start the season then at least one of the young Rangers (Kakko (18), Chytil (19), Andersson (20), Howden (21) and Kravtsov (19)) will be in Hartford. Even if roster spots open up due to trade or injury, the Rangers will have to weigh whether it’s better for Chytil/Andersson/Howden to play on the wing, in probably a bottom-six role, or have them likely play top-line/all-situation hockey in Hartford.

As always, it’s important to note that the lines and lineup the Rangers field to start the season won’t be the same at the end of the season, let alone how it is at Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and so on. It shouldn’t be a huge deal if Andersson/Howden/Chytil play the first 15 games of their season in Hartford but the remaining 65 or so games with the Rangers. Development is still the focus with these young players and the Rangers will put them in situations that accentuate that.

2019 Rangers Offseason 2019-20 Rangers Brendan Lemieux Tony DeAngelo

The Rangers don’t feel they need to make any other cap related moves

In an interview with LoHud and USA Today, Rangers GM Jeff Gorton said that he did not anticipate needing to make another move in order to get Brendan Lemieux and Tony DeAngelo signed.

DeAngelo and Lemieux are both RFAs but did not have arbitration rights.

Gorton said that there is nothing stopping the Rangers from signing either player and that they are trying to make deals that work “right now, and for the future.” (LoHud and USA Today)

The Rangers sent both players qualifying offers of $874,125 to retain their rights and while neither player accepted that offer, it’s believed that both will end up signing for around that number.

The Rangers currently have $2.985 million in cap space for a 20 player roster that includes Vitali Kravtsov, Lias Andersson and Boo Nieves and has both Brendan Smith and Matt Beleskey in Hartford.

Adding Lemieux and DeAngelo to that roster, at their qualifying offers, would bring the Rangers to 22 players and $1.23 million in cap space.

Adam Rotter: The Rangers have the leverage in these talks and it’s likely that both will sign one-year deals at around their qualifying offers. That leverage flips though next summer when DeAngelo and Lemieux could have arbitration rights. The issue is that having arbitration rights doesn’t do much good if you don’t perform and both Lemieux and DeAngelo saw players join the Rangers this summer that may eat into their ice-times, roles and potential performance.

Lemieux is on the fourth line until Chris Kreider and/or Vlad Namestnikov are moved and even then he may only top-out as a third-liner. DeAngelo’s minutes, especially on the PP, may get eaten by Jacob Trouba and Adam Fox. Both players are likely looking for multi-year, bridge type of deals but the Rangers are unlikely to have much interest in paying for potential in players that may not get the ice time or roles to match it.

2019-20 Rangers

Scoring projections for the Rangers this season

The Hockey News 2019-20 Pool Guide has the following scoring projections and scouting reports for the Rangers this season:

  • Artemi Panarin: 30 Goals, 56 Assists, 86 Points in 82 games
    • “Elite player doesn’t miss many games, and year after year he doesn’t disappoint.”
  • Mika Zibanejad: 26 goals, 38 assists, 64 points in 80 games
    • “Finished 22 points ahead of runner-up on Rangers, which is tough to figure and tough to repeat.”
  • Kaapo Kakko: 34 goals, 26 assists, 60 points in 80 games
    • “He’ll score more goals than Hughes but get fewer assists as they battle it out for the Calder Trophy.”
      • Jack Hughes is projected to score 76 points
  • Chris Kreider: 22 goals, 22 assists, 44 points in 78 games
    • “A pending UFA in 2020. He’s likely to be traded which bumps up his value, but just for this year.”
  • Pavel Buchnevich: 18 goals, 25 assists, 43 points in 75 games
    • “Will lose his top-line role sooner or later with rookie Kakko emerging as an elite player.”
  • Jacob Trouba: 7 goals, 34 assists, 41 points in 80 games
    • “Career points high was the result of Byfuglien injury. He’ll get prime-time minutes with the Rangers.”
  • Tony DeAngelo: 7 goals, 33 assists, 40 points in 77 games
    • “Scored 21 points in the second half as he took over as the Rangers top offensive defenseman.”
  • Brett Howden: 12 goals, 23 assists, 35 points in 75 games
  • Filip Chytil: 14 goals, 20 assists, 34 points in 76 games
  • Ryan Strome: 32 points
  • Jesper Fast: 29 points
  • Vlad Namestnikov: 29 points
  • Vitali Kravtsov: 28 points
  • Brendan Lemieux: 26 points
  • Brady Skjei: 25 points
  • Lias Andersson: 20 points
  • Adam Fox: 13 points
  • Marc Staal: 9 points
  • Brendan Smith: 9 points
  • Libor Hajek: 8 points

Kevin Shattenkirk was projected to score 5 goals and 25 assists in 72 games, with them writing “an offensive blueliner who doesn’t contribute much offense. A trade would help him.”

The Hockey News 2019-20 Yearbook projected the Rangers to finish 6th in the Metro and miss the playoffs.