Filip Chytil

Filip Chytil scratched against the Sabres

Filip Chytil will be a healthy scratch tonight against the Sabres and Connor Brickley will take his place in the lineup. (Brooks, Stephenson)

The Rangers will continue to go with 11 forwards and 7 defensemen.

David Quinn said of the decision to sit Chytil (NYR):

  • “I think Fil’s play has slipped a little bit. One of the things that all young players need to learn is to consistently compete and be hard on pucks and give an effort in all three zones. I think Fil has done a good job of that and it’s slipped a little bit. It’s all part of development, learning lessons.”
  • “The last time it happened he responded very well. Fil wants to be player he is capable of being. He’s 19-years old, second game he has sat. It’s really not that big a deal in a lot of ways and he will get right back at it.”
  • “It’s been steady, we’ve had conversations. It shouldn’t be a surprise to him but it seems like every guy that gets sat is surprised. This is something we have talked about and think it was warranted.”

Quinn said that Jimmy Vesey is being hard on pucks, physical, taking hits to make plays and fighting through checks. “He’s pissing people off with his play so they are looking for him after the whistle.” (NYR)

Quinn said on 1/31 that Chytil has “geat speed, great hands and a great head” and that he has an ability, when those three work together, to create offense. (NYR)

Filip Chytil

Chytil scratched against the Blues

6:51PM: On MSG, Quinn said that it was an easy decision to sit Chytil and that “part of development isn’t just throwing people out there and letting them play, part of it is learning accountability and that certain things are not negotiable and he and I have talked about that and he has let a few things slip in his game that just can’t happen and sometimes it’s good to sit out and observe from up top and he will do that tonight.”

He added, “He’s a young player that is learning the things he has to do that he has never had to do before and it’s a long season for a 19-year old. He’s handled it well, he understands what we are looking for, there is a lot of clarity in what we are looking for. He will be better for it.”

6:37PM: The Rangers confirmed that Filip Chytil will be a healthy scratch for tonight’s game against the Blues. (NYR)

David Quinn said on Sunday that Chytil has had a couple of tough games lately and there has been a “dip” in his play. (NY Post)

He added that, overall, Chytil has had a “great year, done a lot of good things.” (NY Post)

Before the game, Quinn said that part of development is learning to be accountable and that there are certain areas of his game that have slipped lately. (Stephenson)

He said that the two have talked about what is needed and that Chytil will be “better” for this. (Stephenson)

Henrik Lundqvist said of Chytil in November, “we all knew right away that he is extremely skilled, we saw it day 1. It’s understanding when to use that skill, but we are starting to see what he can do at crucial times of the game. Players like that can be the difference maker a lot of nights.” (NYR)

Filip Chytil

Filip Chytil finally scored a goal

On Monday night, Filip Chytil scored his first goal of the season en route to putting 6 shots on net in 14:08.

Prior to last night Chytil had only had 3 assists, and a minus three rating, in 17 games with 21 shots on goal and an average of 12:05 per game.

Chytil played part of last night’s game on the wing with Mika Zibanejad and Vlad Namestnikov and said that his position doesn’t matter he was just happy to play more. (NYR)

David Quinns aid after the game that he has been reluctant to put Chytil on the wing but thought he’s had “jump” the last few games and wanted to get him more involved and more ice time. (NYR)

Brett Howden said after last night’s win that “Chytil had a “great night, you can tell he’s getting really confident.” (NYR)

Chris Kreider said,” you can see how much more comfortable he is, he looks like the weight of his world is off his shoulders.” (NYR)

Chytil said recently that he gets more confident with more ice time but that even when he isn’t playing he is always “watching and learning.” (NY Post)

Quinn said on 11/7 that Chytil at 19 is always fighting for a spot in the lineup but that he’s a “heck of a player” and someone who will be a “good player in this league.” (NYR)

In early November, Quinn said that while the Rangers want Chytil to develop and play, there are times when he needs to balance that with “sending the right message and accountability and letting him know what’s acceptable and what’s not.’’ (Newsday)