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Igor Shesterkin is day to day with a mild groin strain

3:23PM: The Rangers have announced that Igor Shesterkin is day-to-day with a mild groin strain.

Shesterkin left last night’s game in the third period and had to be helped off the ice.

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Igor Shesterkin

Igor Shesterkin starting against Dallas on Tuesday

5:35PM: David Quinn spoke after practice today and said (MSG):

  • What has changed in the last few games, “defense. Right htrough that Montreal game, there was this stat that we showed the team before our video session today. From January 7th through that Montreal game, we were second in the league in goals per game and fifth in the league in goals against. That wasn’t a small sample, almost two months. We had the second most wins in the league, best PP, but it was all stemming from playing good defense. In the last five games we have given up 24 goals. This was much more about resetting the mindset, committing to playing defense, understanding what we have to do and what our recipe is for success. That is what it comes down to.”
  • Are you going to use different goalies in the back to back, “I really haven’t even thought, I imagine that we will, but I haven’t had a conversation with anyone about it.”
  • Why Igor against Dallas, “I think Igor has earned an opportunity to get another kick at the can after being off for so long and having the great run that he had and then an injury. I anticipated him probably, regardless of his first game back, probably having a little bit of rust. I think he has earned this opportunity to get another kick at the can.”
  • Any update on Kreider, “he’s coming along, coming along and making good progress. He’s walking with less than a limp so that is a good sign.”

12:17PM: Igor Shesterkin will start on Tuesday against the Dallas Stars. (NYR)

Shesterkin returned on Saturday against the Devils and was pulled after allowing five goals on 23 shots.

Igor Shesterkin

Igor Shesterkin starting against the Devils

6:32PM: David Quinn spoke before the game and said (NYR):

  • On Shesterkin returning, “I didn’t know what the timeline was going to be, you just check in with your players when they are hurt and see how they are feeling on a daily basis. This didn’t really creep up on anyone in the walls of our locker room. I’m not surprised based on how things were going.”
  • Are you calling someone up before the trip, “haven’t talked about it, so nothing we are contemplating yet. Might change after the game.”
  • On Kakko, “One of the things I liked, about three weeks ago, and we talked about it with him yesterday was I thought his defensive zone play had improved dramatically and I think there has been a little bit of slip. I don’t want to get into specifics but from a defensive standpoint there is room for improvement, as there is with every one of our forwards. The thing I liked about his game, three weeks ago, was way more balance in his game. One of the things I’ve liked lately is he looks more threatening offensively, I think there has been more pop in his game, but defensively it’s slipped a little but I’m anticipating him getting back on track from a defensive perspective.”

5:30PM: Igor Shesterkin will return to the Rangers lineup and start against the Devils on Saturday. (NYR)

Shesterkin has been out with a rib fracture he suffered in a car accident on 2/23.

Alex Georgiev Igor Shesterkin

Igor Shesterkin on the ice at the morning skate, Georgiev starts against Caps

1:30PM: David Quinn spoke after the morning skate and said (NYR):

  • On Shesterkin being on for the morning skate, “It’s definitely a step in the right direction. I think we are to the point where it’s day to day.”
  • On the lines for tonight, “we will keep the lines the way they are to start.”
  • On Georgiev’s increased workload, “I think he’s done a great job. I think he’s done a very good job. He’s had a good year.”
  • Will how Tuesday ended linger with Georgeiv, “I’ve loved how he’s rebounded from any little adversity. He’s a mentally tough kid and I’m not worried at all about that affecting in any way shape or form.”
  • On needing the young players to score, “it would be nice for us to capitalize on some of those chances, especially Kaapo’s been…he’s always identified himself from points, as do most young players, and we can tell him all we want about being in the right place defensively and a good back check and chipping the puck out. I think sometimes players don’t realize that we want them to score as much as they do but there are all of these things they need to continue to do within the game to be effective players. The thing I like about him is that he’s getting more chances and eventually they will start going in.”
  • On Chytil not scoring, “You touch on it with these guys but you don’t want to spend too much time on it because it’s hard to score in this league. It’s not an easy league to score in and these guys, at their age, it’s a hard league to score in. Especially at this time of year, it’s getting harder. That is why these games are so important for us as an organization to have these young guys experience the games now and hopefully we can make the playoffs and go through that experience as well.”
  • Is Shesterkin the goalie you have the most confidence in, “like we touched on before he got hurt, when you have these guys together you just let the play dictate who is the goalie you are going to use. I thought he separated himself a little bit after a four-week stretch where we had them all here. His numbers prove it. The one thing about goaltending, there isn’t a lot of subjectivity to it. Like I continue to say, we have faith in all of these guys but ‘who is playing the best?’
  • When do you think Shesterkin might be back, “This is his first full-team skate. I don’t know how he felt. It really is down to day to day. Today was full-go for him.”
  • On Jacob Trouba, “I like the way they’ve both played. They have done a good job of getting us out of our end, I love their physicality. I like their all around game in a lot of ways. Smitty had a couple of great scoring chances the other night, Troubs had a great scoring chance in the O-zone. I like a lot about their game, not just one particular thing, there is a lot I like about both of their games.”
  • On Trouba handling Skjei’s departure, “He’s a pro, been in the league long enough. He and I, when Brady got traded, talked a little about how he went through the same experience when Bogosian got traded out of Winnipeg, he was living with Bogosian. He’s been through it before and going through that helps you brace for anything at this level.”

11:30AM: Georgiev will start in net against the Caps. (NYR)

10:40AM: Igor Shesterkin is on the ice for the Rangers morning skate today. (NYR)

Shesterkin has been out since he suffered a non-displaced rib fracture from a car accident on 2/23.

David Quinn has noted in the past week that Shesterkin has been on the ice and taking low shots, but this is his first official time on the ice with his teammates.

Alex Georgiev is expected to start tonight against Washington. (Stephenson)

Igor Shesterkin Pavel Buchnevich

Igor Shesterkin and Pavel Buchnevich in car accident

11:21AM: Igor Shesterkin and Pavel Buchnevich were in a car accident last night in Brooklyn.

Buchnevich is listed as day to day.

Shesterkin has a non-displaced rib fracture and will be reassessed in a couple of weeks.

Rangers President John Davidson said, “last night at 8:30PM there was a car accident involving two of our players, Igor Shesterkin and Pavel Buchnevich. It was in Brooklyn, Igor was driving and apparently a vehicle pulled a u-turn in front of them and there was a collision. The air bags were deployed immediately and the seat belts were being worn by both players, and thankfully for that. And I mean thankfully for that. They were taken to New York Presbyterian to be seen by our physicians. Buchnevich was quite shaken up, no significant injuries and he is listed as day to day. With Igor, there is a small upper-body rib fracture, it’s no displaced. The estimate as of right now, he will be reassessed with his injury in a couple of weeks. We are concerned about our two players who were in a car accident but through the air bag system they had in the vehicle and the seat belts, it could have been a heck of a lot worse.”

Igor Shesterkin

Igor Shesterkin to start against Winnipeg

7:47PM: David Quinn spoke after practice today and said (NYR):

  • On Jacob Trouba, “he and I had a long conversation this morning. He’s a little bit frustrated with himself. The thing that I like about him is that he’s real honest about his evaluation and I think that sometimes we may lose sight of the pressure that players put on themselves. I thought he was going through a really good stretch but as can happen during the course of an 82-game season, you have peaks and valleys and I thought we had a really good conversation. He did a lot of the talking today about how he is feeling and the things he needs to get better at. Too often a player of his magnitude can try to do too much, and I’m not just talking offensively but in general, and I think he feels better about his game today than he has.”
  • What does he need to do better, “he can overthink things. Mistakes are gonna happen. I think he takes mistakes too heart and then he goes out and tries to do a little bit more to compensate for a mistake that has been made. As we all know, no one has played a mistake free hockey game other than a goalie with a shutout, I think he is embracing that mindset and I’m looking forward to watching him tomorrow night, I think he’s going to have a good night.”
  • How does Trouba fit in, is he comfortable, “without question and over the last 7-8 months you can see his comfort level, his trust factor and all of those things. I think he is feeling a lot better playing for a new team, organization and new city.”
  • Does he lead by example, “he does play with an edge so I think that guys automatically respect him for it. I think there is that leadership element from how he approaches the game.”
  • Would you call Igor the number one goalie, “the guy that plays is the number one, so he’s the number one goalie tomorrow night. (smile) He’s the number one goalie tomorrow night.”
  • On Shesterkin’s personality, “I just think the swagger he has is so necessary for that position. He’s really good and he knows he is really good but it’s not in an arrogant way. Those guys are special. So far, if you look at his career, I think he has lost 17 games out of a hundred something, it’s a crazy number, and he’s done it at every level. It’s just who he is, at his age, he’s a winner.”
  • How does Igor’s puck handling impact things, “Big time. Watching the playoffs last year, I think one of the reasons why St. Louis won the Stanley Cup was because of how their goalie handled the puck. The way that people forecheck in this day and age, if you have a goalie that can handle the puck like that, it makes a big difference. One of the things about him, I think he will get better at the practical side of handling the puck. He can do something that everybody oohs and ahhs when he makes a pass to the far blue line, but the goalie/d exchanges are a bigger part of handling the puck than the oohing and ahhing. The subtle puck movement that joe fan doesn’t recognize.”

1:37PM: Igor Shesterkin will make his second straight start on Tuesday when the Rangers are in Winnipeg to play the Jets. (NYR)

Shesterkin has played two straight games once this season. Right after he was called up he beat Colorado and New Jersey, stopping 75 of 81 shots.