Jeff Gorton John Davidson Fired

Jeff Gorton got two votes for GM of the Year

Former Rangers GM Jeff Gorton received 2 third-place votes for the Jim Gregory General Manager of the Year Award.

Gorton finished tied for 11th in the voting.

Jeff Gorton John Davidson Fired John Davidson

What John Davidson has said about the Rangers (Updates)

6/9/21 | JD was on the Bob McCown podcast and said:

  • On the Rangers, “I had an opportunity to go to New York, I had been there so long as a player, a broadcaster, years and years, decades actually. Took a run at it, obviously Mr. Dolan decided to make some changes, his right. I actually enjoyed working for Jim and the Garden and people around the Rangers, it was terrific, and I think the team was on a pretty good trajectory to be where it’s supposed to be as you go through the build, but it didn’t work out….” (He starts talking about returning to Columbus.”
Jeff Gorton John Davidson Fired John Davidson

John Davidson is returning to Columbus

5/20/21 | The Blue Jackets have confirmed that Davidson is returning and that they extended Kekalainen’s contract through 2024-25. (CBJ)

Davidson’s deal is for five-years. He had three-years remaining on his contract with the Rangers.

5/19/21 | 10:33PM: John Davidson will reportedly return to the Columbus Blue Jackets as President of Hockey Operations. (Dispatch)

Jeff Gorton John Davidson Fired John Davidson

John Davidson’s statement after being fired

John Davidson, through his agent, has released a statement after he was fired as President of the Rangers on Wednesday.

JD says in the statement, “I am very proud of the work we have done and believe this team’s future is very bright.”

See the full statement below.

2020-21 Rangers Jeff Gorton John Davidson Fired

What James Dolan says the Rangers organization is missing

5:59PM: James Dolan spoke with Larry Brooks in the NY Post and said that he saw a “weakness” in the organization that wasn’t being addressed and that the team was missing a “key component” that is preventing them from being a Stanley Cup contender.

Dolan told Brooks (NY Post):

  • The entire organization, from top to bottom, “has to be together as a team, because everyone makes a contribution” and “our organization doesn’t have that.”
  • The Rangers have “enough talent” right now to compete for the Stanley Cup
  • Other owners and managers have been telling him for the last year “how stocked” the Rangers are “with talent, but talent alone doesn’t do it.”
Chris Drury Jeff Gorton John Davidson Fired

What Chris Drury and Glen Sather said on Thursday

6:36PM: Drury was a guest on The Michael Kay show at 5:30PM and what he said is below.

1:38PM: Rangers President and GM Chris Drury and Senior Advisor Glen Sather met with the media on Thursday morning and said (NYR):

  • What are your emotions like, (Drury) “It certainly was a whirlwind 24-hours, not something I expected. It was an honor and pleasure to work with JD for the last two-years, I grew up in Connecticut on ‘Oh Baby’ so it was great to get to know him and work with him and learn a lot from him. Jeff Gorton, I really can’t say enough good things about him, the kind of person he is, what he did for me and my career, I never met him before I came back to interview for the player development job and since then he’s taken me under his wing every step of the way. He’s a great man and a terrific, terrific GM and I’m sure he’s going to land on his feet very soon.”