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What Jeff Gorton said about the rebuild, Drury, Wilson, DeAngelo and more

Former Rangers GM Jeff Gorton was on the Cam and Strick Podcast and said the following:

  • On initially joining the Rangers as a pro scout, “When I got let go, I actually worked with Peter for a year and we basically decided that it wasn’t going to work. I saw myself as more and he wanted other peopel so we decided to go the other way. At the time I thought I would bounce right back and wouldn’t have to go backwards, but I waited a couple of  months and into September and decided to just be a pro scout and see if I could get back in, but I had no assurances or anything, I kind of leaped back in and went to work with the Rangers and Gordie Clark, who I worked in Boston with, hired me with the Rangers and we were like that for a little bit and after I year I think they realized that this guy is alright and got promoted and went up the ladder until they offered me assistant GM and I moved my family to NY and it fell into place from there.”

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Jeff Gorton John Davidson Fired, John Davidson

What John Davidson has said about the Rangers (Updates)

6/9/21 | JD was on the Bob McCown podcast and said:

  • On the Rangers, “I had an opportunity to go to New York, I had been there so long as a player, a broadcaster, years and years, decades actually. Took a run at it, obviously Mr. Dolan decided to make some changes, his right. I actually enjoyed working for Jim and the Garden and people around the Rangers, it was terrific, and I think the team was on a pretty good trajectory to be where it’s supposed to be as you go through the build, but it didn’t work out….” (He starts talking about returning to Columbus.”

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Jeff Gorton John Davidson Fired, John Davidson

John Davidson is returning to Columbus

5/20/21 | The Blue Jackets have confirmed that Davidson is returning and that they extended Kekalainen’s contract through 2024-25. (CBJ)

Davidson’s deal is for five-years. He had three-years remaining on his contract with the Rangers.

5/19/21 | 10:33PM: John Davidson will reportedly return to the Columbus Blue Jackets as President of Hockey Operations. (Dispatch)

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2020-21 Rangers, Jeff Gorton John Davidson Fired

What James Dolan says the Rangers organization is missing

5:59PM: James Dolan spoke with Larry Brooks in the NY Post and said that he saw a “weakness” in the organization that wasn’t being addressed and that the team was missing a “key component” that is preventing them from being a Stanley Cup contender.

Dolan told Brooks (NY Post):

  • The entire organization, from top to bottom, “has to be together as a team, because everyone makes a contribution” and “our organization doesn’t have that.”
  • The Rangers have “enough talent” right now to compete for the Stanley Cup
  • Other owners and managers have been telling him for the last year “how stocked” the Rangers are “with talent, but talent alone doesn’t do it.”

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