2022-23 Rangers Regular Season, Patrick Kane

The latest on Patrick Kane and the Rangers on Tuesday

8:03 PM: The Rangers have officially announced the trade. The Fourth round pick is in 2025 and the third-round pick to Arizona is conditional.

3:46 PM: Arizona will get a 2025 Third Round Pick for their role in retaining 50% of Kane’s cap hit.

2:53 PM: Emily Kaplan says that the Rangers are trading a conditional 2023 Second Round Pick and 2023 Fourth Round Pick for Kane.

The Second Round Pick can become a first round pick in either 2024 or 2025 if the Rangers make the Eastern Conference Finals.

Arizona will be the third team involved to retain salary.

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Patrick Kane

The latest on Patrick Kane and the Rangers on Monday

3:19PM: CapFriendly notes that with Braden Schneider in Hartford, the Rangers have enough cap space today to acquire Kane.

Making the trade today would not leave the Rangers with enough cap room to call Schneider back up. It’s believed that the Rangers can both make the trade and call Schneider up on Wednesday.

11:40 AM: Friedman added, “if you look at some of the reports out there, and I’ve heard similar, it doesn’t sound like the return is going to be overwhelming and when I see reporters tweeting that Blackhawk fans better be prepared for an underwhelming return, you know what that says to me, they are being prepared to really get an underwhelming return.” Continue reading