New York Rangers Top Propsects

How the Rangers top prospects are ranked

12/31/20 | ranked the Rangers prospect pool second overall, LA was first, and ranked their prospects as:

  1. Alexis Lafreniere
  2. Igor Shesterkin
New York Rangers Top Propsects

Where the Rangers rank in the 2020 Hockey News Future Watch

The Hockey News recently released their 2020 Future Watch issue which featured four Rangers in their top 57 overall prospects.

Igor Shesterkin was ranked 3rd overall, Vitali Kravtsov was ranked 23rd, Nils Lundkvist was ranked 52nd and recently signed K’ Andre Miller was ranked 57th.

In 2019, Shesterkin was ranked 37th overall, Kravtsov was ranked fifth overall, Lundkvist wasn’t ranked and Miller was 62nd. Lias Andersson was ranked 34th.

It’s the second straight year where the Rangers have had at least four prospects ranked in The Hockey News’ top 62.

Overall the Rangers rank second, behind Colorado, for the best farm system.

Last year the Rangers had the 11th best farm system.

The 2020 Hockey News Future Watch issue lists the Rangers top 10 prospects as:

  1. Igor Shesterkin
  2. Vitali Kravtsov
  3. Nils Lundkvist
  4. K’Andre Miller
  5. Lias Andersson
  6. Zac Jones
  7. Libor Hajek
  8. Julien Gauthier
  9. Matthew Robertson
  10. Morgan Barron

Last year, the list was Kravtsov, Andersson, Shesterkin, Miller, Hajek, Lundkvist, Adam Huska, Ryan Lindgren, Morgan Barron and Joey Keane.

Keane was traded for Gauthier earlier this year.

Nils Lundkvist was the second highest “rising” prospect this year, moving from outside the Top 100 last year to 52nd this year. They wrote, Lundkvist “has a skill set every team covets. He can play big minutes and moves the puck quickly and decisively.”

Shesterkin, moving from 37th to 3rd overall, was the sixth highest “rising” prospect with them adding that Shesterkin is included because they started compiling their lists prior to his call up.

Lias Andersson was the top ranked “falling prospect” this year, going from 34th overall to not being listed in the Top 100.

Igor Shesterkin New York Rangers Top Propsects Nils Lundkvist

Igor Shesterkin ranked as the top NHL prospect by TSN

TSN‘s Craig Button lists Igor Shesterkin at #1 on his list of top-50 NHL affiliated prospects.

Shesterkin ranked 10th in his rankings last year and Button says he has “all the tools necessary – skill, poise, sense and technical ability – to be a success at the NHL level and is the heir apparent to Henrik Lundqvist on Broadway.” (TSN)

Other Ranger prospects ranked by Button include:

  • 22: Nils Lundkvist
  • 36: Vitali Kravtsov (Ranked 1st last year)
  • 43: K’Andre Miller

On Shesterkin, Button added, “when you look at his resume, all he has done in the course of his career is have success, unbelievable success. When you want to look at goaltending leaders wherever he has played he is at the top of the list or near the top of the list. When you think about his NHL debut on Tuesday against the Avalanche, a little bit of a shaky start but then he settles right in. When you consider that he has mind, skill, poise and technical abilities, you are looking at the heir apparent to Henrik Lundqvist, who has been one of the greatest goalies of the history of the NHL. Pretty big shoes, skates and pads to fill but for Shesterkin you are looking at a top-end goaltender and the Rangers have a replacement for Henrik Lundqvist.”

Corey Pronman of The Athletic listed Lundkvist as one of his standouts from the World Juniors, saying that he may not be “the biggest, quickest or most skilled defenseman you’ll ever see, but he’s so smart and that makes him project as a top-four defenseman in the NHL.”

New York Rangers Top Propsects

Another look at where the Rangers top prospects rank

McKeen’s Hockey has 7 Ranger prospects listed in their top 100 and 12 listed in their overall ranking of 250.

  • Kaapo Kakko is ranked 2nd overall
  • K’Andre Miller is ranked 21st overall
  • Vitali Kravtsov is ranked 30th overall
  • Adam Fox is ranked 44th overall
  • Igor Shesterkin is ranked 50th overall
  • Nils Lundkvist is ranked 83rd overall
  • Matthew Robertson is ranked 87th overall
  • Libor Hajek is ranked 186th overall
  • Karl Henriksson is ranked 194th overall
  • Joey Keane is ranked 209th overall
  • Vinni Lettieri is ranked 230th overall
  • Sean Day is ranked 233rd overall

Shesterkin was ranked as the top goalie prospect.

In terms of rookie scoring, they have:

  • Kaako: 24 goals and 26 assists in 75 games
  • Fox: 6 goal and 25 assists in 73 games
  • Kravtsov: 4 goals, 6 assists in 31 games
  • Ryan Lindgren: 0 goals, 3 assists in 15 games

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New York Rangers Top Propsects

A look at the Rangers top prospects

The Hockey News 2019-20 Pool Guide and Yearbook list the Rangers Top 10 prospects as:

  1. Kaapo Kakko: “A dynamic and flashy scorer. He defends well and had the strength to play as a teen against men.”
    • NHL Expectation: 2019-20
  2. Vitali Kravtsov: “elite offensive skills and plays with an edge. Soared to No.5 in league-wide Future Watch 19 rank.”
    • NHL Expectation: 2019-20
  3. Adam Fox: “crafty puck-moving defenseman had 95 assists across three seasons with Harvard.”
    • NHL Expectation: 2019-20
  4. Igor Shesterkin: “An athletic and competitive stopper who is on target to replace Lundqvist in a couple years.”
    • NHL Expectation: 2021-22
  5. Matthew Robertson: “fantastic skater for a big player. Watch for him to add more offense with his booming shot.”
    • NHL Expectation: 2021-22
  6. K’Andre Miller: “played with impressive poise as a college freshman. Production starting to match ability.”
    • NHL Expectation: 2022-23
  7. Libor Hajek: “struggled in his first pro-year. He has the intelligence and talent to adapt to a tougher level.”
    • NHL Expectation: 2019-20
  8. Nils Lundkvist: “still getting bigger. Plays a safe and reliable brand of defense that is always coveted.”
    • NHL Expectation: 2022-23
  9. Karl Henriksson: “doesn’t let his smaller stature get in the way of being a hard-nosed physical player.”
    • NHL Expectation: 2024-25
  10. Adam Huska: “injuries caused an up and down sophomore season, but he has good size and athleticism.”
    • NHL Expectation: 2023-24

They note that Kakko, Kravtsov, Fox and Hajek are all “good candidates” to make the Rangers this season.

On the Rangers system overall, they wrote “much more than a Jack Hughes consolation prize, 2019 No. 2 overall pick Kaapo Kakko is a super-prospect himself, blending size, skill and smarts to set the expectations bar high. A proven winner (he scored the gold-medal goal for Finland at the WJC) and clutch performer, he’ll step in right away. Offensive D-man Adam Fox and big Russian winger Vitali Kravtsov may join him. Ace goalie Igor Shesterkin is also coming over from the KHL for his first North American action.”, as part of their series previewing each team, lists the Rangers top-five prospects as:

  1. Kaapo Kakko:
    • NHL ETA: 2019-20
  2. Vitali Kravtsov:
    • NHL ETA: 2019-20
  3. Igor Shesterkin:
    • NHL ETA: 2020-21
  4. Adam Fox
    • NHL ETA: 2019-20
  5. K’Andre Miller:
    • NHL ETA: 2021-22

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New York Rangers Top Propsects

Rangers prospect pipeline ranked #1 by NHL Network (Updates)

8/16/19 |The Hockey News 2019-20 Pool Guide lists the Rangers Top 10 prospects as:

  1. Kaapo Kakko
  2. Vitali Kravtsov
  3. Adam Fox
  4. Igor Shesterkin
  5. Matthew Robertson
  6. K’Andre Miller
  7. Libor Hajek
  8. Nils Lundkvist
  9. Karl Henriksson
  10. Adam Huska

They note that Kakko, Kravtsov, Fox and Hajek are all “good candidates” to make the Rangers this season.

8/12/19 | The NHL Network recently ranked the Rangers with the #1 Prospect Pipeline in the NHL.

They listed the Rangers top-five prospects as:

  • #1: Kaapo Kakko
  • #2: Vitali Kravtsov
  • #3: Igor Shesterkin
  • #4: Adam Fox
  • #5: K’Andre Miller

Kaapo, Kravtsov, Shesterkin and Fox were all ranked recently as Top 30 prospects in the league by NHL Network.

Mike Rupp said that Miller was ranked #51 on the NHL Network top prospect list.

On Miller, Rupp said “he’s kind of like Seth Jones, he has that size, that thunder in his game and can move around the ice really well and do everything. He’s a bit more of a project and will take some more time, defense take a little longer, but he can play.”

Rangers assistant GM Chris Drury was a guest on the NHL Network and said:

  • On the system as a whole, “since the letter went out for the rebuild, we traded a lot of really good players and really good Rangers and when you do that you hope to get back the players that we did and we are excited about where we are in the process and certainly have a lot of talent in the pipeline.”
  • On where the rebuild is, “JD said it best, after we signed Panarin in July, it was just part of the process and build and we feel like they (Panarin and Trouba) are at a good age and playing good hockey when our 19-20-21 year olds are firing on all cylinders. I think they are a really good piece of the puzzle and it’s all part of the process and plan.”
  • On Kaapo Kakko’s expectation, “it’s a big jump coming into the NHL at that age, there are so many moving parts to life away from the rink and then you have to perform well on the ice, coming from a different country. He’s an extremely talented player, hard working kid and we were thrilled to move up in the lottery and take him at number two and we are thrilled to have him.”
  • On Vitali Kravtsov, “he’s extremely high skilled, played on the off-wing a lot. His hockey sense is through the roof. Development camp is only development camp but he put on a show for us and we are excited to see him in Traverse City when it means a bit more. Kravy has had a heck of a career to date and we are excited to get him into camp in September.”
  • On Adam Fox, “he’s another guy with really high hockey IQ. We scouted him a lot for his draft and watched him play World Juniors and Harvard over the last few years. Another guy we are excited to get. He can beat you in a lot of different ways and we are thrilled to get him and hopefully he puts his best foot forward in camp and he could have a great chance of making the team.”
  • On the toughest part of the transition to the NHL, “Size and speed certainly, no matter where they are coming from, everyone is bigger and faster. How they adjust to that speed, from college or juniors or Europe, but we are excited about our guys and their hockey IQs that the learning curve should be pretty short.”