What Brett Howden said on Monday about how he is feeling

Rangers center Brett Howden spoke with the media on Monday after leaving Sunday’s game in the second period with an injury (NYR):

  • “I feel good to be here and just taking it day by day.”
  • On what happened, “Vesey created a 2 on 1 and threw a pass and I hit the side of the net and my momentum, couldn’t stop and was trying to use the boards to stop me and their guy carried on into my and I just got squished into the boards.”
  • On it not being very serious,  “All the guys were asking me about what it was because it could have been multiple things but really lucky that it was nothing serious, just an awkward play.”

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  • On the play, “I didn’t realize I went in that hard, it happened so fast, the game is so fast. Luckily it’s nothing serious.”
  • Can you play tomorrow, “Right now we are taking it day by day for precautionary reasons. I feel good but taking it day by day to wait and see.”
  • “It’s a pretty scary play, just the way that I went in and how fast I went in with nothing to stop me and my momentum carrying through and their guy coming too. I’m just really happy I’m doing fine and there is nothing serious wrong.”

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