The Rangers “wilted” and “cheated the game” in the third period

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Following tonight’s loss to Detroit, David Quinn spoke after the game and said (MSG):

What frustrated you most, “Just how we wilted. You’d think we’d learn lessons so far…we just cheated the game and when you cheat the game with a 2-0 lead, you get that result. We’ve gotta learn lessons, you can’t cheat the game.”


Should players at this level know how to play with a lead, “they should know but you can’t assume anything at any level. You have a 2-0 lead and their first goal changes everything, all of the momentum changes, we are on our heels. Still, we cheated, our mindset cheats, we cheated and we got what we deserved.”

What do you mean by cheated, “When there is a 50/50 puck we are thinking offense, making hope plays when we don’t need to, forcing plays, didn’t spend enough time in the offensive zone. Every time we are in the offensive zone we are looking to score a goal immediately instead of possessing it and understanding the situation. You don’t want to play safe but you want to play smart and we didn’t do that.”

Was the tying goal similar to the LA goal, “exactly what happened against LA. We come on the ice and stand in the neutral zone and they walk up the ice.”