What David Quinn said after the win over PItt

David Quinn met with the media following the OT win to Pitt and said (MSG):

  • On the message after the game, “I just thanked them for their effort, it’s been a great group to coach, not the season we wanted to have or the record, we want to be playing past this point next year but they gave it their all, it was a good group to coach, they were attentive and proud of how it ended.”
  • “You could say that, we persevered, had a lead, gave one up late, fought back and won the game. Our season might be reflected in this game in a nutshell.”
  • On Georgiev, “Our confidence level in him is high from players to coaches to management and I knew it right when I saw it in development camp. He passes the eye test, he’s got a swagger, confidence, aggressive, athletic and is mentally tough. When you add all that up you get a real good goalie.”
  • On Brendan Smith’s goal, “he’s done a really good job up front, it’s nice to see him get rewarded for all his hard work. He’s had some great chances since we moved him front and that was a big time goal, he played well tonight, he’s played well up front all year.”
  • “We’ve had a lot of people mention this group and how hard we work and it feels good that we have this work ethic and to finish the way we did, we didn’t win a lot of games after the trade deadline but rarely did we take a night off and that is a testament to every guy in that locker room.”
  • On Skjei’s goal, “you need five guys to get involved offensively in this day and age and you can’t just rely on your forwards, we ask our D to get involved, we also want them to be responsible in their efforts to get involved offensively, sometimes we don’t do a great job of that and give up an odd-man rush but if you are going to score goals in this day and age you need your defense involved.”
  • “still enjoying the win but when we get on that plane it will start sinking in and obviously tomorrow when we go through the medicals and meeting with our players it will start setting in.”
  • “we want every guy to put themselves in a mindset to understand that this isn’t acceptable and that we have to learn from our mistakes through the year, we had opportunity to be more successful than we did and we have to be better defensively. If we are going to have success in this league you need to be committed defensively and that will be a theme going into the offseason.”