2019-20 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the loss to the Oilers

David Quinn spoke after the Rangers loss to the Oilers, on MSG, and said:

On the game, “I thought we got off to a good start but, boy, as the game went on we got sloppier and sloppier. I know it’s a 1-1 game but all throughout the lineup we didn’t play with a lot of pace or jam.”

On Kakko getting his first goal, “for him, personally, it’s his first NHL goal, huge moment for him and our team. Good to see for a lot of reasons, now that he’s got the first one behind him he can continue to improve and move forward but you aren’t going to win games scoring one goal.”


On why it was Staal/DeAngelo against McDavid, “we were trying, if you look at our three pairings, we wrestled with all three of them. I think Staalsie has been playing real well, Tony’s puck moving can get us out, but at the end of the day, that line, I don’t want to pinpoint one guy or one group, we just weren’t good all the way up and through the lineup.”

Is 21 shots on you or them, “it goes back to what I talked about last year, I can think of five instances off the top of my head where we had incredible chances to shoot a puck and we don’t, and off of that might come four other shots. You’ve got loose pucks in front of the net, you better get rid of it in a hurry and we just didn’t have that shooting mentality, we didn’t do a lot of things in a hurry today.”

On Kakko overall, “the skillset everyone talks about, the size, the way he competes, his vision, all of those things that put him in a position to get drafted second overall.”