2019-20 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the win over Montreal

David Quinn spoke on MSG after the Rangers win over Montreal and said:

  • On urging the players to stay the course in the game, “one of the things we talked about was don’t play the score. I thought that we did a lot of good things in that first period, it was frustrating to get out of that period 3-0 because boy I thought we had some great chances, played at a pace, with some physicality. Even after the fourth goal, during one of the timeouts it’s what we kept saying on the bench. We just never stopped and I couldn’t be prouder of these guys the way we competed from the drop of the puck to the horn blowing at the end after 60. Give our goalie credit, he had a tough beginning but boy did he battle back and stood tall when we needed him to be. From our goalie, to our D to our forwards, a real team effort.”
  • On the physicality, “we were dialed in. This is a fast game in a small area and if you aren’t engaged in contact you are not going to have success. Not only that, the way we played, we played at a pace, it wasn’t much screwing around with the puck in the neutral zone, we turned it up, a pace to our game that we will need to have success and you could feel the passion, even at 4-0, the guys never wavered, never felt we were out of. A great win and a great effort.”
  • On Brendan Lemieux, “I’d like to give him another black eye for that too many men on the ice but he played too well so I won’t do that. I’ve talked about him a lot, I love his a player, he’s a great kid, works hard, everything you want in a hockey player and I’m happy that he got rewarded statistically.”
  • Did you consider pulling Georgie, “yes.”
  • When, “after the fourth one. We made it 4-1 and one of the things I was thinking was, you bring Hank in, you might ignite the crowd. It’s a little dramatic when you bring a guy in in this building because he’s got to come through the tunnel and there is the big hoopla bringing him in. I didn’t want to do that and then we got the second one and I thought Georgie started settling down. There were a lot of reasons why I didn’t do it, we had Hank warming up and ready to go but once we got the first and second and started settling in, the last thing I want to do is bring Hank in and get the crowd all riled up and that was the thought process. I had him ready to go and chose not to for that reason. I wanted him ready to go and was feeling it, I just thought of the crowd and it’s 4-0 and the place goes cuckoo and all the sudden it ignites everything and I wanted to avoid bringing him in at all costs.”
  • On the difference from last night, “you can’t really create more adversity than being down 4-0 in Montreal. We don’t do anything half-hearted, when we stink we stink and when we are good we are good and when we fight through adversity we say we are going to fight through adversity. We didn’t tip-toe around it.”
  • On Chris Kreider, “he was outstanding, dialed in on the ice, off the ice. He means so much to our team and I’m really happy for him because he gave everything he had on and off the ice and was pivotal on the bench and just a great effort by crease.”
  • On the team’s resolve, “without question, there are a lot of things that go into winning and talent is one of them but you have to have resolve, better have mental toughness, conditioning, leadership, fight through adversity and we had all of that tonight.”
  • On putting Skjei with Trouba, “I thought Brady Skjei had a monster game, I thought Trouba was a monster. I loved both of their games tonight.”
  • Why did you put them back together, “I just thought that it had been a while and I didn’t love what I saw last night out of anybody and I was thinking of changes, I changed lines during the game, but just something I wanted to do and put them together.”
  • On where this comeback ranks, “it’s up there and for a variety of reasons. I like coaching this team so much and to see how excited they were after we won and what they put into it on and off the ice, it’s a great feeling to watch them and enjoy the moment. To come into this building and be down 4-0 and accomplish what we accomplished, I’m just really happy for them.”