2019-20 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the loss to Anaheim

David Quinn met with the media on MSG following the loss to Anaheim and said:

  • Do you want to hear the players say it’s disappointing, “yes, I do because it is disappointing. We had an opportunity to end this on a really positive note and we ended it on a disappointing note. I thought we got off to a good start, a really good first period and then I thought we really struggled in the second. We were fortunate to get out of that period 2-2 and then I thought we had a really strong third, had some great chances in overtime, just weren’t able to capitalize.”
  • On the second period, “you always want to give the other team credit because they picked the pace up, fed off their second goal. We got a little demoralized that we gave up that goal so early in the period, the penalties also played a factor in how the period evolved, but again, I like how we put a stop to it and had a really good third period.”
  • Did you sense it was a team at the end of a long trip, “our third period was a good one and we had some good chances to make it 4-2, we didn’t stop when we made it 3-2, they had a little surge and we defended pretty well and then we had some great shifts in the offensive zone and had chances to make it 4-2 and we had the PP and the PP struggled tonight and they got two PP goals so special teams were the deciding factor tonight.”
  • On the shootout being the difference, “a little ironic, would have liked to come out with two points and you wish it didn’t get to the shootout. We will be looking back at some situations we should have been better in and some of it was definitely self-inflicted.”
  • On the PK tonight, “we didn’t finish killing the first one and then we made a bad read on the initial rush. We were doing a really good job killing that penalty. We were talking about absorbing the rush instead of jumping forward and if you are going to move forward you better get the body or the puck and we got neither and it was a tough shot, a little bit of a screen. One of those things…unfortunately when we struggle on the PK it seems to come in bunches in game. This one certainly didn’t help us tonight.”
  • On Henrik, “he made some big saves for us and knowing him, he probably wants to make one more save. He wants to get into a rhythm, we want to get him into a rhythm. He made some big saves when we needed him to, it could have been 3-2, 4-2 in that second period, I just wish we were able to play better for him in the second period.”
  • On Zibanejad, “he’s starting to really find his groove and look like he did before the injury.”
  • On 2-1-1 on the trip, “you come into this situation, we talked about it as a group. We came out of the gates strong, scored 10 seconds in and followed it up with another one, we were ready to play. We wanted six points, we really did, but taking five isn’t a bad trip. You always think about going .500 but you can’t do what everyone else is doing if you want to do something special. We almost got the sixth, 2-1-1 we will take, it’s over .500 on the trip and now we have to get some rest and get ready for Nashville.”
  • On changing the lines, “a couple of reasons, didn’t love the way that certain guys were playing and wanted to get a bit of a different mix. You look at those lines, we look deeper with those four lines. Being the fourth game in a four game road trip, in the third period I really wanted to play four lines. I thought all of those lines were effective.”