2019-20 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the OT win in Toronto

David Quinn spoke on MSG after the Rangers OT win over the Leafs and said:

  • Would you sign up for 82 like that, “hell no…hell no. I’m sure the fans would and everyone watching on TV but I’m just really proud of our guys, I really am. Tough situation coming in after three day off and playing back to back, I thought we played a really good first two periods. A big problem was we didn’t win faceoffs, I think we were 30% on draws and that cost us a lot of zone time, shots, usually we are a lot better than that on draws, that was a big problem. I just like how we gutted it out and found a way to win. That is the only stat I care about and we only care about is winning.”
  • On building off last night, “I thought we did a good job last night managing a lead. We just played two really good hockey teams and this team is as dangerous a team in the NHL and if you look at the scoring chances in the first two periods, they had a four-minute stretch in both periods where they had all of their chances and after that there wasn’t much. Third period was a different story but like I said, we looked a little legless in the third, they turned it up a notch and when you are down 4-2 you play with more urgency and we played a little more conservative but I loved how we found a way to win.”
  • On Georgiev not freezing the puck in OT, “I can’t tell all of you what I was yelling on the bench when he kicked that puck out but it worked.”
  • On bouncing back after the late goal, “It’s only 50 seconds to go and we had some puck possession and looked like we were going to get a scoring chance after it, we’ve been pretty good at fighting back and being resilient after something bad happens lately and we got to OT and we gave up that one chance and did a real good job on the 2 on 1, had the right guy with the puck coming down.”
  • On Ryan Strome, “this all started last year, he had a real strong year of us. He’s a good guy, does a lot of things, great brain and when he’s playing with a bit of an edge and a pace and doesn’t overthink it he’s a really good player. I think that too often guys force offense or have a play in mind when they get a puck as opposed to just playing hockey and when he’s playing hockey he’s very good. It’s a heck of a shot. We were talking before the game, he had six shots on net tonight, his goal before the game was 5 so his goal went one above it which is nice. He can find the ice, is smart, makes good decisions with the puck and is responsible defensively.”
  • Is he a late bloomer, “He’s always been a good player in this league but we all feel there is another level for him.”