2019-20 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the Rangers win over Colorado

David Quinn met with the media following the win over Colorado and said (NYR Game Notes):

  • On Shesterkin, “we didn’t hesitate to give him a taste of Ranger hockey, but to be able to be mentally tough to pull himself together, just like our team, I thought we played really well down 2-0. There was a lot I liked about our game, not just our goalie, we played a thorough game and built off what we did in Vancouver and I think that everyone in the locker room realizes that if we are going to have a chance to have the season we think we are capable of having, we certainly can’t play the way we have the first 30 games where we have the inconsistencies and pond hockey approach from time to time. The last two games I think we look like a different, purposeful hockey team.”
  • Did you feel good even early on, “without question, down 2-0 I’m thinking to myself that we are just continuing to do the things we did in Vancouver. We made a couple of plays – net front play, we have to continue to get better in that area but I thought we did some good things. We are not going to go from where we are to where we need to be overnight, there has to be a progression and I think we have been making a lot of progress, in particular the last two games we have played.”
  • On the third period, “I thought we just continued to play, we didn’t take our foot off the pedal. I think that happened to us in Toronto, we had two good periods and then we were on our heels a bit, where tonight we kept playing and established our forecheck and defended well. Another big kill in the third period. I just really liked the feel, a lot of energy before the game. Hopefully we will continue this maturation where, after the first period in the Calgary game where we gave up three and I get the feeling that our guys said enough is enough and we can’t play like this. I know we gave up three tonight but we limited chances and it wasn’t the fire drill it can be in our end, that up and down game that can really hurt you in a game like this.”
  • On Ryan Lindgren, “we kept him out for precautionary reasons, we think he will be fine.”
  • Did the team have more energy because of Igor, “maybe that had something to do with it. We got home, got some rest, had a short practice yesterday and our guys were ready to play. I think they wanted to continue what happened in Vancouver from a playing standpoint, certainly not a results standpoint. Everyone has been talking about Igor for a long time and for good reason, he has earned the accolades and this opportunity.”
  • Did you sense his nervousness, “he didn’t look nervous when he made that 70ft saucer pass when we were down 2-0, so that might have calmed his nerves a bit. He certainly settled in.”
  • Will you go back to him, “we haven’t decided, we will go day by day.”