2019-20 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the win in Columbus

David Quinn spoke on MSG following the Rangers win over Columbus and said:

  • What was the message going into the third, “we knew it was going to be tight checking, we knew we had to play smart, couldn’t play crazy take-chance hockey against that team. For the most part we did a pretty good job of it and to me, the story of the night were our special teams. Our PK was immense, killing a four-minute PP off and the PP gets a huge goal. Obviously when you kill four minutes of PP your goalie has to be big and he certainly was.”
  • Did you see momentum change after that PK, “I thought we did a good job killing it but I thought we had a hard time getting on track after that. They score that goal late in the second to tie it. We did some good things, long trip for us, they played last night too, so two teams that I think looked a little sluggish but our special teams were huge.”
  • On sweeping the road trip, “we’ve been proud of them for a long time and think we’ve really made some great strides. We just continue to play good hockey at a clutch time, last night coming back the way we did and then tonight scoring late to win the game. We’ve talked about how we have come together as a team over the last few months and like i said, it hasn’t shown moreso than in the last few games.”
  • On their push in the second, “I think we just got sloppy with the pucks, we killed it off and lost a bit of our rhythm and they upped the ante a bit. Usually when you kill a penalty like that you come back with pace and energy but we didn’t. Then I thought we did a much better job of managing the game, we were smart, got pucks behind them, didn’t give up odd-man rushes. The only odd-man rush was on the PP when they had the breakaway and a huge save by Georgie. I thought everybody understood what we needed to do to put ourselves in a position to win.”
  • On the Kreider, Mika, Buch line, “they were really good. All three of them at different times. The thing about Buchnevich, all the things he is doing that maybe a scorer usually doesn’t do. His defense has gotten a lot better, makes a heck of a play defensively in the third period coming by our bench and backchecking and makes a great pokecheck and we go the other way. His wall play was really good, great position defensively. Obviously Mika has always been real good defensively and Kreids scores the big goal. That line has been really good for us.”
  • On team defense, “we are doing a much better job in our own end, it’s not the fire sale that you see. We are doing a good job protecting the middle and we are not giving up crazy chances and when we do get hemmed in a little bit there is a calmness to us and an understanding of the area we need to protect. If we do that we are going to have a chance because we do have the ability to score.”
  • On Georgiev and the three goalies, “We are 10-5 with three, I’m thinking of bringing up a fourth (big laugh) and see how that works out.”
  • Why did you come back with Georgiev, “he hasn’t played a lot so I wasn’t worried about him being tired and he’s played well. I know everyone has made a big deal about the comment that I made when I said that Igor’s our number one. I really feel like we’ve got three number one goalies and at any time one of them is going to emerge and go on a run. I’ve been through this before as a coach, where you have good goalies and you tell them that the guy with the hot streak will be the number one and that is kind of the situation we are in.”