2020-21 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the loss to Buffalo

David Quinn met with the media on MSG and said:

  • On Kreider saying the players need to learn how to hate losing, “I certainly hope it doesn’t take something like this to do that, obviously you hope that from the minute the season starts everybody hates losing and giving their all mentally and physically. I liked our start, we got the goal and then our whole mindset changed, it’s really frustrating because I thought we were doing some good things, we get up 1-0, the hope plays and cross-ice passes crept in again and forcing plays and turnovers inside the offensive blue line. They get the PP goal, we get the goal at the end of the first, which is huge, up 2-1 and then we give up a shortahnded goal and, boy, did our bench get demoralized, you could just feel it, there wasn’t any life to our bench. We were lucky to get out of that period only down by one. We had more life in the third, had some chances, but you aren’t going to win games like that. We better cure this in a hurry.”

  • On Faceoffs, “I don’t pay attention to what you read on the NHL stats, we’ve actually done pretty well on faceoffs from our end of it, we watch every faceoff. Just so everyone understands what happens, when you see the stats, if we win the draw back toward our defensemen and they happen to jump one of our wingers and touch the puck, that is credited as a loss for us. That being said, we were abysmal on faceoffs tonight, it was incredible how bad we were on draws. Just to keep in perspective, I’m not saying tonight wasn’t that, it was a huge issue tonight, I think we were 30% and it felt like we were 10%. To me, it was just a microcosm of what crept into our game tonight. A faceoff is a battle, not only with the centers but the flanks and wingers and too often we weren’t ready to compete in these battles.”
  • Did you feel you were less competitive tonight, “100%, it was real disappointing because, for the last four nights we were skating and competing for the most part for 60 minutes and that is, as we all had talked about, not only in the walls of our locker room, but in general, if you watch our team, we are going to win games, we are doing the things we need to do but tonight was certainly not the case.”
  • Is it obvious that you aren’t getting enough from the top-six, “yes, it is an obvious question and the obvious answer is that we are not getting enough from our top-six, for sure.”
  • On missing Chytil, “yes, we miss Fil, but the guys in the lineup we feel confident in and if those guys play to their abilities we wouldn’t be sitting here talking about a 3-2 loss. It would be nice to have Fil, but every team has injuries. No disrespect to Fil, I miss him and wish he was in our lineup, but we are not thinking about Fil during the course of the game, we have people out there we trust and have faith in and they have to deliver.”
  • Where do you go from here, “That is something we are going to talk about as a staff and with our captains and leadership group. It’s gotta stop right now. We will address that here. I’m still stewing about tonight and we will figure that out in the next 48-hours.”