2020-21 Rangers

Georgiev in net, K’Andre Miller out

6:30PM: David Quinn spoke before the game and said (NYR):

  • On the lineup, “Artemi is in and Julien Gauthier is out. Unfortunately, K’Andre won’t be in, so Jack Johnson will play tonight.”

  • On K’Andre Miller, “he didn’t have a setback, we thought there would be some more progress between yesterday and today and there just wasn’t enough to put him in the lineup.”
  • On the goalie, “Georgie will play.”
  • On taking Gauthier out, “I thought he was making good progress, I thought he just had a real tough night the other night. We had other guys too, up front, but when you watch it and talked about it, I just thought he had a real tough night.”
  • On putting shots on not, but not scoring, “it’s very simple, we’re not around the net enough, there really is no other answer. You don’t need to look any further than that. Sometimes in life, the simple answer people don’t want to hear, they want to hear a long-winded answer and something that will pop your eyes open and say, ‘I didn’t think of that,’ but at the end of the day it’s what it comes down to, we just aren’t at the net enough and when we go to the net we skate through it, I think we  go to the net looking to get open, instead of understanding that going to the net creates space for other people, when you get there, you can fight for space while you are there. We addressed these things, we talked about it…it’s nice that we are getting more shots, I still think we can throw way more pucks to the net, off angle, if we don’t have something, pass it to the net, but are you not throwing pucks to the net because people aren’t there, or are we not going to the net because we don’t shoot enough, that was something we talked about today.”
  • On Alexis Lafreniere, “I think he’s done some good things in the last few games and you are talking about a 19-year old that is finding his way in the NHL. He’s making good progress, he’s snakebitten, he’s had some great chances he hasn’t been able to  capitalize on, but he’s on a crowded bus from an offensive and forward standpoint, this is frustrating on a lot of levels because we got a bunch of guys that have been snakebitten at the same time, usually when guys get snakebitten you get other guys that are hot and we haven’t had that, we’ve had the complete opposite, we’ve had everybody that we need to get going, snakebitten from a points standpoint. That being said, some guys don’t deserve the points they are capable of getting and some guys do and they are snakebitten. We need guys to continue to buckle down offensively, get to the net, have a little bit more snarl around the net and it’s not about killing people, but if you are going to score at this level you have to be inside and it’s something we have to improve on.”

5:56PM: Alex Georgiev will start in net for the Rangers against the  Flyers. (NYR)


Artemi Panarin will play and Julien Gauthier will be scratched. (NYR)

K’Andre Miller will not play and Jack Johnson will play in his spot. (NYR)

On Johnson, David Quinn said yesterday, “Jack just got cleared, so he will need a few practices before we are able to put him in.”