2020-21 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the win over Philly

David Quinn met with the media following the win over Philly and said (MSG, NHL Media):

  • How proud of you are of the team for battling after Philly tied it, “Very proud. This has been a tough go for us and losing can wear on you. I don’t care how we needed to do it, how pretty it looked or what, how it came to fruition, we needed two points and we got two points. This group has always responded when we’ve been in situations like this and maybe this wasn’t a Picasso, it certainly wasn’t the way we want or need to play if we are going to have sustained success, but we suffered our lumps and needed to dig deep and win tonight and get two points and that is all that matters.”

  • On the defense and being without Trouba and Miller, “you don’t replace these guys with one guy, everybody has to step up and I thought they did that, did a good job tonight under tough circumstances. To have those two guys out and for our D to step up and play the way they did. Again, it wasn’t pretty, certainly we have to improve on some things and playing a little sounder, more structured, be much better on our breakouts. I thought there was a stretch where we weren’t coming out of our end cleanly very often. We didn’t have that tonight, but we competed and battled and willed our way to a win. Disappointing that they tie it up late, they got the great bounce off the back wall, which usually happens when people tie it. We draw the penalty in OT, didn’t get much going on the 4 on 3 and the right guys buried pucks in the shootout.
  • On Panarin, “I actually said to Gorts before the game, he came down around 6PM and said ’10 seems like he’s dialed in’ and he was dialed in tonight, I think he understood the magnitude of the situation we are in and how badly these two point are needed and he stepped up big time.”
  • On Bitteto and Smith, “they were huge, not only that, but they played well. Those two guys have a lot of life in them, great personalities, our players feed off of them, but at the end of the day you have to be able to play and they both played well tonight. Happy for Smitty getting that second goal for us. We are happy with the win and we did a lot of good things tonight, but we are always measuring ourselves to what we are capable of doing. Losing can wear on you and you lose a little swagger and are unsure of yourself and waiting for something bad to happen, but like I said, we did a good job withstanding that and ended up getting two valuable points.”
  • Why did you start Georgiev, “I thought he played well, did a good job. We need him, he hadn’t played in a while and it was his turn to play. We don’t have a set rotation, but he’s going to play a lot of hockey for us moving forward.”
  • How often will you show Smith’s goal since he went to the net, “quite often, that being said, I thought we did a much better job being around the net tonight, our guys took the message to heart. We just gotta shoot more, our D have to wrist more pucks down there. We get pucks back to the point and are looking to make the D to D pass or looking to make a perfect shot and sometimes you just gotta get it down there. It’s certainly something we’ve got to implement into our game, but the fact that Smitty stops at the net and gets rewarded for it, our forwards can take a page out of his book to do that consistently.”
  • Why did Mika come off the PP, “we’ve all talked about Mika’s struggles. He’s still finding his game and at some point in time the people that are playing better have to go out there, that is what the thought process was.”
  • On going with Kakko in the shootout, “If they had missed the first one I was going to go with Kaapo to start because Mika and Bread have such a great track record in shootouts and I didn’t want Kaapo going as the third guy with all that pressure. Our plan was that if they missed I would go with Kaapo.”