2020-21 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the loss to Pittsburgh

David Quinn met with the media  following the loss to Pittsburgh and said (NHL Media):

  • On why Blackwell sat out, “Blackwell’s been struggling the last three games. He and I have had a couple of conversations and I thought Di Giuseppe was playing well when we sat him for the game yesterday it was a tough conversation. Blackwell has had a good year so far, but I thought the last three games he was struggling.”

  • On Keith Kinkaid, “he played very well. We went back and forth about what to do to play tonight, decided to play Georgie and I thought Kinkaid stepped up to the occasion when he went in.”
  • On the first period, “I actually thought up until their first goal we were doing a lot of good things, not just the first 10 minutes, I thought we played well right up until the goal. A big problem tonight was our defensemen on these flips, we were way too puck conscious in the neutral zone, not really alert, gave up 3-4 breakaways tonight because we were playing the puck and not keeping a body between the net and the offensive player, basic things. Our mentality has to change in that scenario, it’s disappointing because I thought we got off to a really good start and after we killed the penalty in the second, I thought we did a good job toward the end of the second period spending some time in the 0-zone and our tempo back and just really disappointed in our third period. I thought they did a good job shutting it down, but we didn’t work hard enough to get inside and earn our ice. If you are going to score goals in this league you have to get inside and you have to earn it. You can’t concede that someone is in the middle and you are going to take the path of least resistance and stay on the perimeter, which is what we did. We were way too easy to play against.”
  • On it being the first back-to-back, “I’m gonna say that it was more mental. We didn’t have enough fight in the third, part of that was Pittsburgh doing a good job keeping things simple and not taking any unnecessary chances, they made it hard on us, but we have to fight harder to get inside, play faster, get more pucks to the net and we just didn’t do much of that at all in the third period, if any.”
  • Were the defense cheating for offense, “I don’t know if it’s cheating for offense, it’s just not having defensive awareness in the neutral zone. Puck-watching as the play is coming up, not observing the scenario coming out of our end and just really not alert, I don’t know how much it had to do with cheating on offense, I’m sure it had a  little to do with it, we have to clean that part of our game up, we can’t be giving up these easy chances and colossal mistakes that turn into easy goals for our opponents.”
  • How much did you know about Kinkaid, “I’ve liked his game. I know him all the way back to his Union days and coached him in the World Championships, so I’m pretty familiar with him. I’ve always thought he was a good goalie and playing Georgie tonight had nothing to do with our lack of confidence in Keith, it was very back and forth and I wanted to give Georgie a chance to go back to back and get into a rhythm, it had nothing to do with Keith and we have a lot of confidence in him. As far as who is playing next, we haven’t thought about that at all.”