2022-23 Rangers Regular Season

What Gerard Gallant said after the win over Carolina

Gerard Gallant met with the media following the win over Carolina and said (MSG/NYR):

  • Does this win feel more special, “yea, definitely. Obviously they have been one of the hottest teams in the NHL the last number of games and a top team in the league. We weren’t perfect tonight, we got some puck luck tonight and we’re fortunate in that, but, again, it’s a big win and a good game for us and just continue to do that, build off of this.”

  • Was the first period struggle because how they come at you, “that is exactly what I said….we looked like we were trying to defend a real good team and you can’t beat that time like that, they are too good. They play fast and I think they dump the puck more than any other team we’ve played against this year, but they always get it back because they are quick and fast and that is how they play their game in the o-zone. A real good team and got some fortunate breaks tonight.”
  • Do you think that the playoff series last year helped you adapt to their style, “No, I don’t…honestly, you watch that team play night after night and they bring that same thing at you. They are tough to breat one-on-one, win a lot of battles, a big team that goes to the net hard. They play a simple game, but a real effective game and they play hard every night, that is why they are winning games. They compete every night and play the same way and they are a tough team to play against. We played them pretty good tonight, obviously, and anytime you can hold that team to 20-something shots it’s pretty good for any team to do that.”
  • Was it a good sign to see their composure after giving up those goals right after yiu scored, “Yea, I think Shesterkin gave them the message after the second period. It was frustrating to give them back those two goals, both times we tied it they score within the next shift, I’m pretty sure. And you gotta be better than that and we had chances to the puck over the blue line and we dd and you gotta give them credit because they win a lot of those board battles and that is what they do.”
  • On Kaapo Kakko’s game, “Kakko’s been outstanding, he’s been one of our best players the last three games. That is what you are looking for, take off, keep playing with confidence and he’s played great hockey with those two games. And he’s been a good player all year, I found that the last three games he’s gone to another level.”
  • On K’Andre getting the winner, “that was a big goal, obviously. Like I said, they were probably not too happy with being on for three goals, but, again, I’m not blaming them for the three goals, there is a five-man unit out there and there were unfortunate situations that the puck went in our net, but it was a huge goal by K’Andre,  I thought he made a couple of great offensive plays tonight and played a good, solid game against.”
  • Did you switch Chytil because his line was on for two against, “Yep”