2023 Rangers Trade Deadline

Will the Rangers use their First-Round picks as trade chips?

TSN has released their latest Trade Bait board and it features the Rangers First-Round Pick at #8.

The Rangers have their own first-round pick this year as well as Dallas’ from the Nils Lundkvist trade.

The Rangers first-round pick does not feature on the latest trade boards from The Athletic, Daily Faceoff, or Chris Johnston’s list.


Arthur Staple wrote at The Athletic that Chris Drury “likely wants to hang onto both first-round picks” and that trying to make a deal featuring “lower-level prospects and mid-round picks” would be “ideal.”

The Rangers first-round pick last year was sent to Winnipeg as part of the Andrew Copp trade.

The Rangers also have their second-round pick, Colorado’s third-round pick, their sixth round pick, Winnipeg’s sixth round pick and their seventh round pick this year.

The trade deadline is one month from today.

Adam Rotter: I’m not sure, unless the Rangers are getting someone like Timo Meier and they know they can keep him, that Drury will offer up either of the first round picks unless there are conditions attached. I think that, similar to the Andrew Copp trade, the Rangers would be willing to move their second round pick and then attach conditions that it can move up to a first depending on how far the Rangers go or how much that player plays in the playoffs. Even if they were to get someone like Meier, I wonder if Drury wouldn’t lottery protect the pick just in case.

With two picks they do have some flexibility and with this being a deep draft, I’d think that the Rangers would want to at least keep one pick that they could either use at the draft to pick someone or use at the draft in a trade.