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Brendan Lemieux traded to LA for 4th round pick

4/1/21 | Larry Brooks writes that Lemieux requested a trade from the Rangers. (NY Post)

3/28/21 | David Quinn said of the trade “It was a logjam, obviously with Kravtsov here and Howden getting healthy, some guys doing well in Hartford, it seemed like the right thing to do and it’s gonna give Pepe to play in a little bit more of a role that he is looking for. He was a good player for us and we are going to miss him.”

3/27/21 | The Rangers have traded Brendan Lemieux to the LA Kings for LA’s 4th round pick.

Elliotte Friedman and John Shannon tweeted that the Rangers roster shuffle with carrying three goalies, Phil Di Giuseppe’s return, Brett Howden’s eventual return from the Covid list and Vitali Kravtsov as a main reason for the trade.

Brendan Lemieux

Brendan Lemieux signs TWO-Year deal with Rangers

9:45AM: The Rangers and Brendan Lemieux have avoided today’s arbitration hearing and come to terms on a two-year deal with a cap hit of $1.55 million. (Cap Friendly)

He will have a salary of $1.45 million in 2020-21 and $1.64 million for 2021-22.

Lemieux has 9 goals and 15 assists in 78 games since coming over from Winnipeg at the 2019 trade deadline.

He played this past season on a one-year deal worth $925,000.

On Wednesday the two sides submitted the following salary briefs to the arbitrator:

  • Rangers: Two-Years at $950,000 and then $1.075 million (Cap hit of $1.025 million)

The Rangers have not gone through with an arbitration hearing since Nikolai Zherdev in 2009.

Adam Rotter: Another deal that makes sense for both sides and, in essence, finishes up the Rangers offseason. A two-year deal gives the Rangers some more time to determine whether or where Lemieux fits going forward and to do so at a small cap charge. He is a bottom-six forward but brings a style of play, physicality and agitation that the Rangers have in short supply. As the Rangers talk about wanting to be a team that is harder to play against, Lemieux can have a big role in that. Lemieux does have a history, including what caused him to miss the first-two games against Carolina, of crossing the line toward supplemental discipline, but if he can walk that line without crossing over, he can be a big part of the Rangers going forward.

Brendan Lemieux

Rangers and Brendan Lemieux file salary arbitration briefs

9:45AM: The Rangers and Brendan Lemieux are slated to have an arbitration hearing on Friday and both sides have submitted their salary numbers (Friedman):

  • Rangers: Two-Years at $950,000 and then $1.075 million
  • Lemieux: $2 million

Lemieux has 9 goals and 15 assists in 78 games since coming over from Winnipeg at the 2019 trade deadline.

He played this past season on a one-year deal worth $925,000.

Adam Rotter: The Rangers preference has been to get Ryan Strome’s situation settled before moving to Lemieux, but with their arb hearings back to back they may not be able to do that. The Rangers would probably prefer to get Lemieux signed to a similar type of deal that Jesper Fast just finished, three-years at $1.85 million, but maybe not since three-years seemed to be the deal breaker with Jesper Fast. Lemieux brings an agitating and physical style to the Rangers that they don’t have a lot of but he’s a fourth-line/bottom-six forward and every dollar and roster flexibility will matter.

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DeAngelo, Strome, Lemieux and Georgiev file for arbitration (Updates)

10/13 | The NHLPA has announced the dates for the arbitration hearings:

  • Tony DeAngelo – October 20th
  • Alex Georgiev – October 31
  • Ryan Strome – November 5
  • Brendan Lemieux – November 6

The Rangers and each player could strike a deal prior to the hearing.

Adam Rotter: DeAngelo is first up for the Rangers, a week from today, and while so much focus in the last couple of weeks has been on Ryan Strome’s future, DeAngelo’s future is still in question. I don’t know if DeAngelo’s arbitration award will reach the “walk away” number, but the Rangers won’t walk away from DeAngelo. DeAngelo is a valuable player both to the rest of the NHL as a trade piece but to the Rangers as well. Short-term DeAngelo may be with the Rangers, but his long-term prospects are hazy.

Lemieux and Georgiev should both be easy contracts. Lemieux doesn’t have a ton to go on, in fact he has a some things, like his suspensions, going against him, but I’d expect them to strike a 2-year deal worth the $1.85 million Jesper Fast made. Georgiev will likely get a deal between $2.5 million and $3 million for 2-3 years to avoid arbitration.

10/10 | The NHLPA has announced that the following Rangers have filed for salary arbitration:

  • Tony DeAngelo
  • Brendan Lemieux
  • Alex Georgiev
  • Ryan Strome

Hearings will take place between October 20th and November 8th.

If the arbitration award is greater than $4,538,958, the Rangers can walk away from the award.

From the NHL’s Return To Play MOU, “For 2020, in the event a Club exercises their Walk-Away Right (pursuant to Section 12.10 of the CBA) relating to a one-year Salary Arbitration award, the Player may within four (4) days of receipt of notice from the Club that they are exercising their Walk-Away Right, elect to enter into an SPC with the Club on the same terms as the Club had offered in the Club’s Salary Arbitration Brief.”

The Rangers have not had an arbitration hearing since walking away from Nikolai Zherdev’s award in 2009.

Phil Di Giueseppe, who the Rangers qualified and had arbitration rights, did not file. He will likely accept his qualifying offer salary of $735,000 or something close to it.

Adam Rotter: This was all expected and we will see what the Rangers plan of action is. I’d assume that it will be easier to get Lemieux and Georgiev signed than Strome and DeAngelo, that is if the Rangers plan to keep Strome and DeAngelo.

Brendan Lemieux

Brendan Lemieux suspended Two Games

7/20/20 | 6:06PM: David Quinn said that the suspension “didn’t surprise us, we kind of anticipated something along those lines, so obviously we are going to miss Brendan in those first two games.”

7/20/20 | 4:19PM: The NHL’s Department of Player Safety announced that Brendan Lemieux will be suspended for two games due to interference against Colorado’s Joonas Donskoi.

From the NHL’s Video Explanation:

  • “Doonskoi enters the Rangers zone on a rush as Lemieux backchecks through center. Doonskoi fights off a Rangers defender and regains control of the puck before releasing a quick shot on goal. Well after the puck is gone, Lemieux leans hard into Doonskoi’s path, making substantial contact with Doonskoi’s head and causing an injury.”
  • “This is interference. It’s important to note that we do not view this play as a mere collision. Lemieux visibly shifts his weight to move himself into Doonskoi’s path, then braces for contact in a way that ensures Donskoi absorbs the brunt of the impact. It is also important to note that Lemieux initiates this check well after Donskoi releases the shot and contact is made well outside a window after where a check may be legally finished. Donskoi has no reason to expect to be hit this long after the puck is gone, making him particularly vulnerable to contact.”
  • “What causes this hit to rise to the level of supplemental discipline is the lateness of the hit, the substantial head contact and the force of the impact.”

Lemieux is considered a repeat offender.

Larry Brooks writes in the NY Post that Lemieux would have been suspended four games during the regular season. (NY Post)

Lemieux is allowed to play in the Rangers exhibition game against the Islanders on 7/29.

Brendan Lemieux

Brendan Lemieux will be suspended when the season resumes

3/13/20 | The NHL has announced that Brendan Lemieux will be suspended when the NHL season resumes but the  “precise parameters of the suspension will be determined and announced once resumption of play guidelines have been established.”

3/12/20 | 12:25PM: The NHL’s Department of Player Safety has announced that Brendan Lemieux will have a hearing tomorrow for his interference penalty on Colorado’s Joonas Donskoi.

Lemieux was assessed the penalty at 17:08 of the third period last night.

Lemieux was fined for elbowing earlier this season on Vegas’ Cody Glass.

He was suspended two games last season while with Winnipeg for an illegal check to the head.