Brendan Lemieux

Brendan Lemieux suspended Two Games

7/20/20 | 6:06PM: David Quinn said that the suspension “didn’t surprise us, we kind of anticipated something along those lines, so obviously we are going to miss Brendan in those first two games.”

7/20/20 | 4:19PM: The NHL’s Department of Player Safety announced that Brendan Lemieux will be suspended for two games due to interference against Colorado’s Joonas Donskoi.

From the NHL’s Video Explanation:


  • “Doonskoi enters the Rangers zone on a rush as Lemieux backchecks through center. Doonskoi fights off a Rangers defender and regains control of the puck before releasing a quick shot on goal. Well after the puck is gone, Lemieux leans hard into Doonskoi’s path, making substantial contact with Doonskoi’s head and causing an injury.”
  • “This is interference. It’s important to note that we do not view this play as a mere collision. Lemieux visibly shifts his weight to move himself into Doonskoi’s path, then braces for contact in a way that ensures Donskoi absorbs the brunt of the impact. It is also important to note that Lemieux initiates this check well after Donskoi releases the shot and contact is made well outside a window after where a check may be legally finished. Donskoi has no reason to expect to be hit this long after the puck is gone, making him particularly vulnerable to contact.”
  • “What causes this hit to rise to the level of supplemental discipline is the lateness of the hit, the substantial head contact and the force of the impact.”

Lemieux is considered a repeat offender.

Larry Brooks writes in the NY Post that Lemieux would have been suspended four games during the regular season. (NY Post)

Lemieux is allowed to play in the Rangers exhibition game against the Islanders on 7/29.