Chris Kreider

Chris Kreider’s fractured foot is is better

Chris Kreider was on an NHL Zoom call Monday with former teammates Kevin Hayes and Keith Yandle, along with Chris Wagner, to discuss their roots in Boston.

While on the call, Kreider was asked about his fractured foot and said “my foot feels good…foot was better a few weeks ago so I’m able to work on rehabbing it and getting it back to where it was.”

He added that during the quarantine he is outside of NYC and in Connecticut, “it gives me an opportunity to get outside a little bit but really haven’t seen many people. Just kind of slowly losing my mind trying to do things to keep busy.”

Jeff Gorton said on March 4th that Kreider was likely to be out 4-6 weeks.

Kreider had begun skating with the Rangers at their morning skates shortly before the league was paused.

Chris Kreider

Chris Kreider skating at the Rangers morning skate

3/11/20 | Joe Micheletti said on MSG that Kreider was skating in full uniform this morning.

3/10/20 | 7:38PM: David Quinn spoke before the game and said (NYR):

  • On Kreider, “Still very precautionary. If you see him…he’s not coming back tomorrow night, for sure. He’s making progress.”
  • Is he where you expected, “yea, maybe a little ahead of but there is no timeline, you never know with this type of situation. It’s about how you feel daily and how quickly you can heal.”
  • Did he just want to see how it felt to skate, “Yea. When you have a lower body injury in your foot you feel differently in a skate than you do in a sneaker or shoe. I think he wanted to figure out how it would feel.”
  • How did it feel, “I’ll be honest, I haven’t asked him. He’s not in the lineup tonight so I don’t even talk to him.” (Laughs)

12:41PM: Chris Kreider, in sweatshirt and sweatpants, is skating during the Rangers optional morning skate in Dallas. (NYR)

Kreider was seen taking shots on Henrik Lundqvist and skating with skills coach Mark Ciaccio.

David Quinn said on Monday that Kreider is “coming along, coming along and making good progress. He’s walking with less than a limp so that is a good sign.”

Jeff Gorton said last week that the prognosis for Kreider’s fractured foot was likely to be 4-6 weeks.

2019-20 Rangers Chris Kreider

What Jeff Gorton said about Chris Kreider at the GM Meetings

Jeff Gorton spoke with EJ Hradek at the GM meetings and said (NHL Network)

On the trade deadline and keeping Kreider, “I think that, first of all, our team has played particularly well in recent time here and up until the home and home with Philly we were about 9-1, had a nine-game winning streak on the road, things we were really proud of with where our group is at. It was important, with Kreider in particular, that he’s a big piece of the team and if we are going to move it forward, we have a lot of young players, we need some guys that have been around and impactful to our team and Chris is a core piece. We felt like it was a priority to keep him and move forward with our group. At his age, the way he keeps himself in condition, his production, the way he skates, he’s taylor-made for the NHL. That was important for us. The trade with Brady Skjei, it was a move that we felt like the future of our defense is in pretty good shape and having the flexibility moving forward. We are going to have other players that we have to sign and you always have those issues, the cap gets in your way sometimes and this might be one of those times.”

On the Kreider prognosis, “we are obviously hopeful sooner than later but with these things, it’s weight bearing when you break your foot. I think that if you look over time, some of the people that have had the same type of injury, you are looking at 4-6 weeks as probably realistic. I know Chris is looking at it as being back sooner and if you see the kind of condition he’s in and his work ethic it’s hard to bet against him. We are hopeful sooner than that and take it one game at a time without him.”

Chris Kreider

Chris Kreider has a fractured foot and will not return

3/1/20 | There is no update yet on Kreider’s status.

2/28/20 | 10:19PM: David Quinn didn’t have an update on Kreider after the game.

8:09PM: The Rangers have announced that Chris Kreider suffered a fractured foot in the first period and will not return.

Kreider blocked a shot from Philippe Myers at 12:40 of the first period and took one 10 second shift before going to the locker room.

Adam Rotter: Well, this is certainly a big blow to the Rangers. They’ve been pretty healthy this year, especially with key players, except for Mika Zibanejad’s injury earlier in the year and the injury Igor Shesterkin suffered in his car accident. It reminds me a bit of when Zdeno Chara broke Ryan Callahan’s leg/ankle in 2011. Kreider has been such a key Ranger this season and if this injury does keep him out long-term it’s almost as if he was traded at the deadline. Of course Kreider will be back for the next seven seasons, but as it relates to this one, the Rangers may play the rest of the regular season without a core player.

As for who can/will take his spot in the lineup, Artemi Panarin could move to play with Zibanejad but that doesn’t seem likely unless it’s a last resort. Brendan Lemieux doesn’t have Kreider’s size, and he isn’t as fast, but he does create space on the ice and go to the net. The Rangers are deeper on the RW than LW and Pavel Buchnevich could switch to the LW but this could be a chance for Kaapo Kakko to assume a top-six role. Julien Gauthier has the same kind of size and speed as Kreider so he would be an interesting option as well.

Chris Kreider Trade Rumors

Chris Kreider signs SEVEN-YEAR extension with the Rangers

2/25/20 | Kreider has a no-move clause for the first four-years of the deal and then a modified no-trade clause for the remaining three-years. He also has a no-move clause in the last three-years that likely prevents the Rangers from putting him on waivers without his approval. (CapFriendly)

11:21AM: John Davidson met with the media on MSG Monday morning and announced that Chris Kreider would be signing a seven-year contract extension with the Rangers.

His cap hit is $6.5 million. (Kreider AAV on seven year deal is $6.5M.)

Davidson said, “Chris Kreider and our hockey club have come to terms on a seven-year deal. Both sides worked hard at this, Jeff Gorton and Matt Keator, along with Chris and the rest of us. There was a lot of dialogue, it has gone on for a few days. Both sides are very happy with the deal we have been able to put together. We are very happy that Chris has signed a seven-year extension.”

On TSN, Jeff O’Neil quoted Ray Ferraro as saying that if the Rangers traded Chris Kreider they would be spending the next 10-years looking to replace him.

O’Neil added, “What he brings to the table, his passion for the game, he’s a pain in the rear end to play against. He has goal scoring ability, his ability to skate and just to show that young core group in New York that it is about the now right now, not just selling everybody totally off. I love the move for the Rangers.”

Craig Button said on TSN, “I love Chris Kreider. I think that if they traded him for prospects and draft picks it would have been cutting the legs out from under the team. I love that Jeff Gorton kept him because he’s a unique player, you don’t find guys like this.

Ferraro said, “you’ve got a terrific player, you can’t keep giving these players away if you have them. He’s at the right age, in the peak of his career, great partnership with Mika Zibanejad, who has turned into a legit #1 center. They have something going in New York, I like this a lot.”

Adam Rotter: The Rangers bent on years and Kreider bent on the cap and the deal gets done. Ultimately it’s the right move for the Rangers and a pretty fair deal that not only reinforces the good feeling that this team has had lately but keeps a key piece next to Mika Zibanejad. Kreider didn’t want to leave and the Rangers didn’t want to move him unless they had to. Now Kreider can officially be the bridge between the past and the future for the Rangers. I still think that Mika Zibanejad ultimately is named Captain but Kreider will wear an “A” and be an enormous part of the Rangers leadership group.

Chris Kreider Trade Rumors

Chris Kreider updates on Monday (Updating)

11:14AM: Darren Dreger tweets that the expectation is that Kreider will sign an extension with the Rangers.

9:30AM: Kevin Weekes said on the NHL Network “they are trying to find some common ground on being able to get to a place called fair but as time continues on that becomes less and less likely…he is the type of player you miss when he’s not in your lineup, a different dimension….I think he’s a quintessential Ranger, this would be a tough move. If we look at the landscape, the best potential fit for him would be one of two teams: St. Louis and Boston.”

Brian Lawton then suggested Colorado.

8:15AM: On Sportsnet, Elliotte Friedman said “As it stands this morning, it doesn’t look at this point in time that he will sign with the New York Rangers. He is available. One of the reports out there is that the issue is term, the Rangers don’t want to go farther than six, Kreider wants seven. We will see if they can bridge it, or if they go in a different direction.”

On TSN, Darren Dreger said “over the course of the weekend there was a lot of back and forth between the agent that represents Chris Kreider, Matt Keator, and Jeff Gorton. Our information as of yesterday was that they weren’t able to close the gap but you still have to allow for the possibilty that the palyer and agent reconsider and they try to get something done in the hours ahead. What we know is that Kreider loves playing for the Rangers and he has been an excellent fit there for a number of years but there has to be a breaking point and that is within hours. If the Rangers do trade Kreider there is no shortage of interest there, at least 4-5 teams. They have a first-round pick on the table as part of a package and it will be that usual package, the first round pick, prospect and maybe something else. It could be up to Kreider to step in and say ‘here is what I’m willing to stay for.”