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What Brady Skjei and Chris Kreider said on NHL Network

Chris Kreider and Brady Skjei were on NHL Now on the NHL Network and said the following:

  • Skjei | Why play for Team USA: : “I saw the roster and team that they put together, Chris Drury and the other managers did a great job. When you see that many talented players going over and representing your country it’s usually a good sign.”
  • Kreider | “It’s a huge honor, a fun tournament and seeing parts of the world you’ve never seen before the and the competition is pretty elite.”
  • Kreider | “I shot on Henrik Lundqvist the past week and a half, just me and him.”
  • Kreider | How long did you shoot with Henrik, “as long as he wanted pucks, he likes seeing shots. I score a handful of goals…”
  • Skjei | On Henrik Lundqvist, “he had his ups and downs but it’s unbelievable how competitive he is and how focused he is every day. He comes to the rink and is usually the last guy off the ice taking shootouts, before games, so focused. To see that every day and learn off it is really huge.”
  • Skjei | On Zuccarello and Dallas “been texting him here and there, we want them to keep going…I’m a big Stars fan right now.”
  • Did you watch the draft lottery
  • Kreider | “I got a text from people pretty surprised we got the second overall pick. When you can add a top-five pick to the lineup and someone that can contribute right away, that is a huge get for us.”
  • Skjei | What is your summer like after the Worlds, “A few golf trips, heading to Colorado for a weekend. Going back to Minnesota and train and play in DaBeautyLeague.”
  • Kreider | “I don’t have much planned, I’m not really a golfer. Just trying and get outside and get some sun, get back to work.”
  • Kreider | What do you do for fun, “Wiffle-ball”
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The Chris Kreider situation the Rangers face this summer

Chris Kreider has one-year remaining on his contract and is eligible for an contract extension on July 1.

Kreider tied his career high with 28 goals but scored 22 of them in his first 48 games and only six in his final 31.

Larry Brooks writes that an extension for Kreider would likely be around $6.5 million per season for six years. (NY Post)

He adds that if the Rangers decide not to extend Kreider it would be “incumbent” upon Jeff Gorton to move him around the draft rather than keep him for the season and trade him at the deadline. (NY Post)

David Quinn said of Kreider on breakup day, “the injury – he and I spoke about this today and he said that he should not have tried to play through it and he was pretty quiet about it to be honest but it was a hard six weeks for everybody. When you make the trades we made and the realization of our situation hit home for a lot of guys, mostly the veterans, the guys that are used to playing in the playoffs, I think it’s human nature where frustration creeps in and maybe your play suffers a little bit. I don’t think he was the only guy that experienced that.”

Jeff Gorton said on breakup day, “he had a great first half, on pace for 35/maybe 40 goals. Obviously he was hurt and not as effective and that was obvious. For the most part it was a really encouraging season for him, it’s hard to score in this league and he scored 28. I think he has been pretty consistent and he looked like he was going to have a career year and altered by injuries a bit but for the most part he had a good year.”

The Rangers reportedly had a very high price for Kreider when teams asked about him around the trade deadline.

Adam Rotter: My feeling is that Kreider will re-sign with the Rangers this summer on a deal that both sides will find fair. He was arguably an All-Star in the first half of the year before he got hurt and the Rangers made their trades. You need veterans on your roster and Kreider can lead by example, teach the young players in the way that Rick Nash taught him, and be a big part of this rebuild. My view is that if the Rangers didn’t see Kreider as part of the future than he would have been dealt at the deadline. His value, for draft picks and prospects, was highest at the deadline and the acquiring team would have had two runs in the playoffs with him. That said, it’s possible the Rangers view Kreider as someone they can move for roster players which is much tougher to do in season. Maybe the Rangers hold on to Kreider through July 1 and then make a decision on whether to extend him or trade him. Things may change for the Rangers if they are able to sign Artemi Panarin or they make other moves. I’d still bet on Kreider signing with the Rangers over him being traded but we will know for sure by training camp. The Rangers are not going to go through the rental situation again next season.

Chris Kreider

Chris Kreider has been dealing with a hamstring injury

Chris Kreider has been playing through a hamstring injury suffered against Tampa Bay in the Rangers loss on 2/27. (NY Post)

David Quinn said yesterday of Kreider, “he battled through an injury for sure, so for him he is doing everything he can and I give him a lot of credit for fighting through his injury and he is starting to feel better and I think you will see a better result from that.”

Kreider said that during this recent stretch he doesn’t think he hurt the team but noted that since he feels he didn’t “help” he “probably shouldn’t have played. (NY Post)

He adds that he has started to feel more like himself lately and feels good about the last few weeks of the season. (NY Post)

Quinn added that in the past few games “his play has been much more noticeable, more involved and for someone who depends on his legs so much, when he had a lower body injury he was dealing with he did a real good job fighting though it and happy with the direction he is going for sure.”

Dave Maloney had said on the Rangers post game show a couple of weeks ago that he believed Kreider was dealing with a lower body injury. (MSG)

This season, by month, Kreider has produced:

  • October: 12 games – 6 goals, 3 assists, 35 shots, 17:05 per game
  • November: 14 games – 7 goals, 5 assists, 39 shots, 17:19 per game
  • December: 12 games –  7 goals, 3 assists, 33 shots, 16:33 per game
  • January: 12 games – 3 goals, 4 assists, 33 shots, 17:26 per game
  • February: 13 games – 3 goals, 6 assists, 30 shots, 20:11 per game
  • March: 9 games – 0 goals, 2 assists, 18 shots, 15:29 per game

Larry Brooks writes that “there is not even the slightest chance” Kreider will come to training camp next season as a pending UFA.

He notes that an extension for Kreider would likely be in the six-year, $6.5 million range and that if the Rangers opt not to go that route he will be the latest Ranger veteran to be moved. (NY Post)

Adam Rotter: This hamstring injury definitely helps explain not just why Kreider hasn’t been as productive but why he hasn’t been as noticeable over the past few weeks. He had 20 goals in the first 38 games, about 19% shooting percentage, but only 6, 9.5% , in the following 24 games before the injury against Tampa. Kreider was still getting a similar amount of shots, per month, but they weren’t going in as much in January and February.

When it comes to Kreider’s future, I think it’s very likely he gets an extension on July 1. The only thing standing in the way of that is if the Rangers try to use him as a main chip to get one of the top two picks in the draft. There Rangers had a very high price for Kreider at the deadline and I think they are very comfortable moving forward with him in the rebuild, and giving him a new contact, unless someone makes them an offer for a potential game changer. Kreider is different than all of the other players the Rangers have moved in the past. He’s a winger, great in front of the net, incredible combination of size, strength, speed, skating and keeps improving. He’s going to be part of things moving forward unless the opportunity for Jack Hughes, Kaapo Kakko or someone similar is coming back in return.

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What to expect from the Rangers on deadline day

12:07PM: Darren Dreger tweets that McQuaid and Freddy Claesson are expected to be traded.

8:49AM: Calgary and Nashville have checked in on Hayes. (Dreger)

8:41AM: The NHL Trade Deadline is at 3PM Eastern today and the Rangers are believed to be engaged with multiple teams on trades for Kevin Hayes, Adam McQuaid, possibly Vlad Namestnikov and maybe others. (NY Post)

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What the Matt Duchene to Columbus deal means for the Rangers (Updates)

1:37PM: Darren Dreger tweets that there is a lot of action on Mats Zuccarello and that there have been some teams that have inquired about adding both Zuccarello and Kevin Hayes.

Adam Rotter: The Rangers need to determine what their ultimate goal is when it comes to these trades. Are they still looking to get as many picks as possible, already drafted players, NHLers, some combination of those three? My view is that they can get the most amount of assets by trading them separately but they might get the most quality asset by trading them together. The Rangers are in a good position no matter what direction they go in and if Mark Stone gets moved soon that may only increase the value of Zuccarello and Hayes more.

11:51AM: The Ottawa Senators have sent Matt Duchene to the Columbus Blue Jackets for a package believed to include prospects and picks. (Dreger)

The belief, as of now, is that the Blue Jackets will also hold onto Artemi Panarin as they look to make a playoff run. (Kypreos)

Chris Kreider

It will take a lot for the Rangers to trade Chris Kreider (Updates)

2/21/19 | Larry Brooks writes that Chris Kreider has drawn interest from teams such as Toronto, Boston and Nashville but that he will only be moved if the Rangers get an “offer they can’t refuse.” (NY Post)

2/6/19 | 7:50PM: On NBCSN, Bob McKenzie said that in order for the Rangers to move Kreider they “would have to get a foundational young building block player that is very close to playing in the NHL or already just arrived there. They aren’t going to trade him for just future considerations (a draft pick or middling prospect) it would have to be a high price for Kreider coming back the other way.”