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The latest on Chris Kreider’s status after the Taylor Hall trade

12/28 | 9:37PM: On Hockey Night in Canada, Elliotte Friedman said “all the contenders from Colorado to Boston to St. Louis to Pittsburgh are all believed to be interested” in Chris Kreider. (Sportsnet)

He added that teams don’t believe that the Rangers have made Kreider “available” yet but if the Rangers decide to trade Kreider “there is a ton of interest.” (Sportsnet)

12/18/19 | 2:47PM: Elliotte Friedman wrote at Sportsnet that he doesn’t think the Rangers are in any rush to move Kreider.


12/17/19 | 7:22PM: On TSN”s Insider Trading on Tuesday, Darren Dreger said that with Taylor Hall being traded, “the interest likely shifts to the NY Rangers and specifically to Chris Kreider. There will be discussions on the potential of a contract extension with Kreider, he is a pending UFA, but given the fact that the Coyotes jumped in early to acquire Taylor Hall, perhaps there is another team that is considered at least a playoff contending team that will do the same with Chris Kreider.”

Dreger adds, “he’s a unique player, certainly adds a physical edge, all playoff teams want that. The return for Chris Kreider would likely be a first round draft pick and a mid-level prospect.”

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Pierre LeBrun wrote in The Athletic that the Avs, Flames, Oilers, Blues, Panthers, Sharks and Canadiens were the teams most interested in Hall.

Adam Rotter: Kreider is the best rental on the market but I don’t think the Rangers are going to make any decision on keeping or trading him until much closer to the deadline. The Rangers would prefer to be in the playoff race and not have to sell off off another big piece at the deadline, but they also aren’t in a position to let Kreider potentially walk as a UFA for nothing. Ultimately I think Kreider will be dealt at some point but unless a team blows them away with an offer, it’s not going to be until the days/weekend before the 2/24 deadline.

Colorado makes a ton of sense as he can pair with Nazem Kadri on a second line that won’t be easy to push around. The Avs are also the easiest team to deal with because they have zero cap issues and the Rangers could potentially wrangle some conditional picks if Kreider decides to stay in Colorado. The Flames are built to contend and have the picks and prospects to make a deal but the Rangers would have to take a contract back. Edmonton seems unlikely though they could potentially build a package around Jesse Puljujärvi. Kreider would fit in well with the Blues as they look to repeat, the Sharks don’t have the space or the assets but Montreal has the cap space and picks to make a deal. The Rangers will probably look for three pieces in return but could settle for two, or even one, if they get a player that can step in and play right away.