2019-20 Rangers

Alex Georgiev in net against the Leafs

6:22PM: David Quinn spoke before the game and said (NYR):

  • On Howden playing the wing, “we’ve talked about it internally we just never did it. He played that one game on the wing last year and got hurt. We saw it as an opportunity to take a little bit of pressure off him and put him in a situation to have a little bit more success and I think he has done that.”
  • On missing Lemieux, “every player has to pick up their physicality a little bit regardless of whether he is in the lineup or not, that is something we’ve talked about as a group. It’s not about running people, it’s small area battles where you are not fishing for a puck and getting inside people regardless of the size. It’s something we recognize we have to be better at.”
  • Why Fogarty, “he’s been playing the best, simple phone call, who is playing the best.”
  • What does he bring, “he’s smart, competes, got a good brain and he’s earned this opportunity. From an organization standpoint it’s that simple, you call down and see how is playing the best and that sends a message throughout about a meritocracy.”
  • On depth in Hartford, “they’ve done a great job down there, Chris Drury has done a good job putting the team together. They’ve had a good season, guys are having good years, it’s been a really good situation for the organization.”
  • On where he will play, “wing, with Haley and McKegg.”
  • On Kakko’s development, “he’s had a good year, some ups and downs. There is a learning curve for all 18-year olds. He wants to be great. He’s very hard on himself and I think that is part of the issue with when he struggles, his expectations are high and he’s hard on himself. He’s a talented player.”
  • How has Kakko managed the pressure, “he’s managed it well. He’s played some big games in a career that has been pretty decorated for an 18-year old, he’s handled pressure very well.”
  • On Brendan Smith sitting, “a little slippage in his play, just a decision we made for tonight. Fogarty’s been playing well, Haley had a good night the last time he played. Hales is a smart player, just a decision we made.”
  • On penalties, “we do things in extremes, hopefully tonight we will be a team of minimal penalties.”
  • On Trouba, “Troubs competes shift in and shift out, he gives us a physical presence. We will never judge him by points, his points will just happen because he has the ability to shoot the puck, good passing skills, good vision. What we got him for was to play against top lines and shut people down and be a physical force and he has done that.”

5:39PM: Alex Georgiev will start in net against the Maple Leafs on Saturday. (NYR)

Micheal Haley and Steven Fogarty will come into the lineup while Brendan Smith will be a healthy scratch. (NYR)