David Quinn

David Quinn Fired as Rangers Head Coach

11:33 AM: The Rangers have confirmed that Quinn, David Oliver, Jacques Martin, and Greg Brown have been relieved of their coaching duties.

Chris Drury said in a statement, “I would like to thank David Quinn, David Oliver, Jacques Martin, and Greg Brown for all of their efforts and dedication to the Rangers. I wish each of them the best in their future endeavors. We will begin our search for a new head coach immediately.”

10:44 AM: David Quinn has been “dismissed” as head coach of the Rangers, according to Larry Brooks. (Brooks)

Quinn has been the Rangers head coach for the past three seasons and still had two years left on his deal.

The rest of the coaching staff, except for Benoit Allaire, have also been fired. (Brooks)

Quinn had a record of 96-87-25 as coach of the Rangers.

David Quinn

What David Quinn said on the radio on Monday

David Quinn was a guest on Sirius XM today and said:

  • He is in White Plains right now
  • On expectations heading into the season and how they have been exceeded, “one of the things with our team and I think everybody in hockey kind of felt it, there was a lot of uncertainty, a lot of unknowns because we had so many new faces, we were so young. Who was going to be our second line center, how was Panarin going to adjust to New York, how was Trouba gonna adjust to NY, who is going to be the third line center? How was Kakko going to do, how was Fox gonna do? There were so many different questions being asked about our team and I think that was part of the reason why we got off to a bit of a slow start, a lot of uncertainty. I don’t think we knew how good we could be. I think there are a lot of things you are going to acquire if you are going to have success. You don’t have to have the most talent, you need enough talent and all of these other characteristics as a group you have to acquire to have success. Because we had so much uncertainty and new faces, I just think there was going to be a learning curve to acquire that. As the season went on guys thought, ‘he’s pretty good, he’s better than I thought he was gonna be’ and the whole thing started to come together. We hovered around .500, a little above, and trying to figure out what we had and capable of being. Right after Christmas, even though we didn’t have the greatest record, we were around .500, there was a real internal belief in the locker room, coaches and management, we felt we had a chance to be a pretty good hockey team and you saw that happen in the second half of the season.”
  • On tightening up defensively, “I thought we did a much better job in the second half of the season from a structure standpoint, part of our problem when we get in trouble defensively is puck management and when your D are as active as ours are and talent on the blue line and guys who are offensively driven, you can be put in a predicament, moreso off of turnovers, then it is off structure. A couple of things happened, one is that we managed the puck a lot better in the second half of the season. We had a tendency early on that when we got the puck we felt we had to make a great play every time we had it and two, I thought we really grew as a group defensively, structurally, guys were trusting each other more, trying to do their job and not trying to do too much and we got good goaltending. When you add all that up you are going to have a much better chance in the second half of the season to be better defensively. The other thing that happened, I think we are second/seventh in the league in games where we give up five goals or more. We’d be plodding along doing a good job defensively and, boom, we’d have a bad night where we’d give up five or more which can really skew your goals against. I thought where we were at from a defensive standpoint in the second half of the season allowed us to have the success we had.”
  • On having three goalies, “all three guys have handled it well and obviously, Hank having the career he is having and had and his age, the situation we uncomfortable for everyone but moreso him. He couldn’t have handled it better. He understood what we going on. Igor went down to Hartford and he was the best goalie in the AHL, he bided his time, stayed down there until January and finally we had to call him up. When we had all three of them here in the first month, everyone got an opportunity and we just felt that Igor kind of separated himself in that stretch and we turned to him to get most of the starts. The numbers spoke for themselves, everyone understood it, there was no hidden agenda, communication with Hank, Igor and Georgiev. I can’t google ‘how to handle three goalies, one of them a Hall of Famer’ at the NHL level. There is no right or wrong answer and as I’ve said, I’m sure I made mistakes along the way handling the situation, I certainly didn’t do it intentionally but I have to give all these guys a ton of credit, they handled it like pros and made the situation manageable.”
  • On star players (Mika and Panarin) getting a bit more leeway defensively, “there is that balancing act and we have spoken with those guys at length about those situations and the fortunate thing for us, what you see on the ice is that they are better people. Their work ethic, great teammates, guys that when you come to the rink you want to go see, spend time with them and I don’t mean the coaches, the players. They are coachable, there is give and take, we have conversations and there are some disagreements but when there are disagreements they buy-in to how we want them to do it. We are very fortunate in that regard, both of these guys want to be 200-ft players and when your best players have that mindset you have a chance night-in-night-out.”
  • On plans to resume the season or playoffs, “there are so many different scenarios and we are all guessing at the end of the day. We are at the mercy of a disease that there are so many unknowns to. What our government is going to do and what is the right thing to do from a livelihood standpoint. So many things go into this decision making process. Ideally I think people would want to play more regular season games and let this play out, if they don’t play more regular season games, I anticipate, from what I hear, that there will be an expanded playoffs, if we go right into the playoffs, more than 16-teams. That is just my guess, from what I’m hearing and some of the scenarios talked about being played out but we are all guessing and I know it’s great conversation and way to kill some time but at the end of the day, Gary Bettman and the people who run the NHL have a lot more information than we do. It’s day-to-day, as Jeff Gorton always says, every day that goes by is one day closer. I don’t know when it’s going to end but one day closer.”
2019-20 Rangers David Quinn

What David Quinn said on the radio today

Rangers coach David Quinn was a guest on Hockey Central at Noon today and said (Sportsnet):

  • On how he’s doing right now, “we are doing well, it’s been a tough time for everybody worldwide, not just the people in New York but New York has been hit the hardest. We were in Colorado when this all happened and supposed to fly to Arizona the next day but we got re-routed to New York, landed in Westchester and I’ve been holed up in Westchester ever since we landed, on I think the 12th of March.”
  • He’s only been back into Manhattan once, to swing by his apartment to pick up things before going back to Westchester.
  • (They go through his career from player to coach)
  • On Mika Zibanejad’s 5-goal game, “It was so electric in the building that night. Regardless of what was going to happen, what went on the last 6-7 weeks for us was so important to our development as an organization and where we want to get to. Mika Zibanejad, I was telling everybody when I took this job a year ago, I don’t know if people realize how good this guy is. We are so fortunate that our two star players, and we have a lot of good ones, but two guys that have obviously separated themselves, Mika Zibanejad and obviously Artemi Panarin, what makes it all so exciting is the type of people they are. One thing I remember about that night, not only did he score five goals, but in a game of that impact, with that atmosphere, against the Washington Capitals, with our season on the line every night when you are in that playoff push, he scores a goal every which-way possible. He scores with a minute and a half to go to make it 5-4 and the roof almost blows off the building and then Ovechkin ties it and 30 seconds into OT Panarin makes an unbelievable pass to Mika and he gets the fifth. I wasn’t there, but it’s amazing to listen to the people that have been around the Rangers for awhile, they hadn’t heard the building that loud since, I think 2015, when in Game 7 they beat Washington to go the Eastern Conference Finals. Stepan scored the OT winner at the Garden. Whether it was Marc Staal or Hank, they had never heard the building that loud since that night.”
  • Brian Burke interrupts with a pet peeve about why Zibanejad was on the ice when Washington’s net was empty, (laughing) “I should have called a freakin time out, is what I should have done. Well he’s a good defensive player too, so I got to put him out there….he’s a hell of a player, but the night, the magnitude, the five-goals, it wasn’t a 7-2 win, this guy scores five goals against the Capitals in a game of that magnitude, it was just an incredible night and so happy for him and obviously a huge two points that night.”

Brian Burke said of the Rangers “I think they are way ahead of schedule. The letter shocked everyone for its frankness. When the GM says to their most important customers that it might be a tough couple of years, folks, but we are going to do it right and right now. They are back in the thick of things 18-months later, it’s pretty impressive. Made some good moves in the offseason, they have done a lot of good things right. Jeff Gorton is a real quiet leader, he doesn’t do a lot of interviews, doesn’t want a lot of praise, he just likes to win. Hired a coach that raised some eyebrows, not that David Quinn isn’t a quality coach, everyone knows that, but not a lot of experience as an NHL head coach, so that raised eyebrows but he’s been patient, taught these guys, they re-signed Kreider. Done a lot of things right.”

Burke said of Artemi Panarin as an MVP candidate, “he’s in the conversation but I don’t think he can win it, there have been too many better performances. That is the problem when you are a winger, usually those awards go, or often go, to centers because they get more points or defensemen because it’s acknowledged that it’s a harder position to play. Wing is the easiest position to play and just racking up goals often isn’t enough to get a major award like that. You look at what they have done, it’s a series of things. The goaltending has emerged, the Trouba trade was a good trade for them, an upgrade. Pionk is a good player, a different kind of player. The Panarin signing, they have done…DeAngelo has really emerged as a a player, they have done a lot of incremental steps that have resulted in them being back in the hunt.”

David Quinn

What David Quinn said about Shattenkirk, Chytil and more

David Quinn met with the media following practice on Thursday and said (NYR):

  • Update on Jesper Fast, “still fighting through his injury and going day by day right now. Nothing long-term, still day to day.”
  • What is the upside to playing him, “That is absolutely part of the decision making process, we haven’t finally made any decision but leaning in that direction. We certainly don’t want to put anyone in harms way and if it makes sense to shut someone down for the rest of the year we will do that.”