David Quinn

What David Quinn said about Shattenkirk, Chytil and more

David Quinn met with the media following practice on Thursday and said (NYR):

  • Update on Jesper Fast, “still fighting through his injury and going day by day right now. Nothing long-term, still day to day.”
  • What is the upside to playing him, “That is absolutely part of the decision making process, we haven’t finally made any decision but leaning in that direction. We certainly don’t want to put anyone in harms way and if it makes sense to shut someone down for the rest of the year we will do that.”

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  • What do you want to carry over, “just as an individual, your performance – you gain confidence from playing well and doing the right thing and having success and I think that can carry over into the summer. I think someone, over the next 8-9 games, can feel a lot better about themselves than they do right now. Collectively we can do that as well. One thing we are talking about is feeling good about our effort and intentions and the result will take care of themselves. It’s hard. I thought we had a pretty good practice today, there was good life, energy, purposeful, we have to carry that over to tomorrow and be ready on Saturday.”
  • On Chytil at center, “I liked Fil in the middle. For a guy coming off the flu, he had a lot of jump. I liked his game two games ago too, the one after that wasn’t so good. I don’t know if it was the position switch or that he had a good night. We envision him and would like him to be a center moving forward and with his skating ability it frees him up a little more, anxious to see how it continues to move forward.”
  • On Chytil playing center after missing practice the day before, “Pro sports, if you can come to the rink and take warm-ups you are going to go in. No, he was fine. It’s not like I put him on defense. He’s played center his whole life so I wasn’t worried about that and he felt fine.”
  • On Staal and Kreider not skating today, “new injuries, day to day, lower body stuff for both of them. See how they feel tomorrow.”
  • On Henrik Lundqvist’s approach this season, “I don’t think his approach has been much different. This year has been a different year for a variety of reasons. We had the situation with Zucc and Hayes hanging over his and our head, the uncertainty of that, but as you get older you are always adapting to new seasons and your approach. Regardless of that situation I think players always get older and have to adapt and make changes and Hank is no different.”
  • On Kevin Shattenkirk’s game, “he and I went to breakfast two days ago, the day of the game and talked about this. I think he has played better, and he feels this way too, there needs to be more consistency in his game but his good has been better. He wants to minimize some of the mistakes and consistency. He is being more productive offensively which we love, I loved what he did on our last PP against Detroit, that was the best our PP has looked in three weeks and he was a big part of that. There was a pace, attack mentality from his end of it, I think that fueled the rest of the PP. For sure I think there is another level for him to get at and he has gotten better. Guys can continue to get better and they need to continue to get better no matter how old you are. I know we have all touched on his injury and when you are coming back from a knee injury sometimes it takes a little longer to fully get back, if you are 98% back, that 2% is a big difference in this league. If some guys were 2% better than they were they would probably be in the league instead of the minor league, it’s a big difference. I think he is still creeping back to 100%, not making excuses for him, I just think it’s reality and that his better play has been better lately.”
  • On Brendan Smith’s season, “I think it has been an up and down year, he has had some good stretches and some stretches where he has had some down moments. He’s in great shape, mentality has been outstanding, everything you want in a player, he has certainly made his impact felt up front. I thought that when he played D he played well and led our team in Grade A scoring chances the other night. Over the last 10 game segment he is second on our team in Grade A scoring chances for. I think lately he has played good hockey for us whether at forward or on defense.”
  • Could he turn into a forward full-time, “it might be the next phase in his career, maybe not. Having the ability to do both is a great value in this day and age, I think it’s too early to tell but it’s certainly something I think about for him moving forward.”
  • On chances against Detroit, “Too perimeter, when there is a choice to be made, can we go in or out, we go out. They did a good job defending but we have to recognize opportunity.”
  • “I know Tampa scores beautiful goals last night but they also get their fair share of rolling your sleeves up – that is the game in this day and age for the most part – off of that comes the highlight reel goals, if you have that mentality. You can’t do it the other way, looking for highlight reel goals and think you are going to get a blue collar goal, it has to have that blue collar feel to it and off of that it can become a highlight reel. goal.”