What Chris Drury said about the rebuild, Kravtsov and working with the Rangers

Chris Drury was on the NHL Network earlier this week and was asked about the Rangers and said (

  • On the rebuild so far, “I think it’s been pretty good. I know at times it’s hard on the players and we’ve had to trade a lot of really good players and really good Rangers, so I think it’s hard at times on the staff and players and it’s not the easiest but with what we set out to do and the course we set for the organization is pretty good for the last 14 months. If you look at depth charts and prospect charts 18 months ago and today, it’s certainly a different look and we are excited about the players we have gotten through trade or the draft and players we are going to draft in June in Vancouver with all of these picks.”
  • On Vitali Kravtsov, “I don’t think down the stretch, we will look to get him in after the season is over, I don’t think there is any rush or any reason to force it down the stretch, I think Jeff would say the same thing. We are looking forward to getting him over as soon as we can when his contract runs out in Russia and hopefully he is going to have a big summer of training and hit the ground running in training camp in September.”
  • On if he would like to be a GM at some point, “I would like to be, I won’t lie and say I wouldn’t but a lot of people would give that same answer. At the moment I absolutely love where I am working, I couldn’t have a better boss than Jeff Gorton, not a day goes by when I’m not asking him or learning something. I get to see a lot of different things which is great and excited to do it for the team I grew up rooting for and in the region I grew up living in and now I just want to help in the rebuild at each step along the way.”