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Jacob Trouba out 4-6 weeks

6:45PM: David Quinn said of Trouba, (NYR)

  • What will you miss with Trouba, “It’s an upper body injury, he’s going to be out 4-6 weeks, (to off-camera), can I tell them?…. He broke his thumb, he’s out 4-6 weeks and we will miss everything that he brings, from a physicality standpoint, a compete standpoint, from what he brings from a leadership standpoint. He’ll be missed, but the good news is that it’s not as serious as we thought and he’ll be back sooner than later.”
Jacob Trouba Rangers

Jacob Trouba fined $5K for slashing Vince Dunn

The NHL Department of Player Safety announced that Jacob Trouba has been fined $5,000 for slashing Vince Dunn last night.

$5,000 is the maximum fine allowed under the CBA.

Trouba was assessed a five-minute major and a game misconduct for slashing at the end of the game last night.

Dunn was given two-minutes for roughing.

To see Trouba slashing Dunn, click below:

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What Jacob Trouba said about this coming season

Jacob Trouba joined Fox 5 this morning and said:

  • On his reaction to being traded to the Rangers, “I was kind of shocked, I was cooking dinner when I got the call and we didn’t really believe it at first and it didn’t really set in all summer and when we got here, it’s kind of real now and exciting.”
  • On the team he is joining, “it’s exciting, there is a little bit of unknown in how everyone will fit together, but we will try to figure it out as soon as we can in camp, but being a young exciting team with a lot of skill and talent, there is a bright future here and we want to try and get here as fast as we can.”
  • On feeling pressure, “there is always pressure, that is good, you want the pressure because you are doing something right if you have the pressure on you. With the players we have and the system we have, everything is there for you and you have to go out on the ice and perform and find a way to get some wins and get into the playoffs and then who knows what happens at that point.”
  • On his fiance, “she has a pretty wild schedule, she doesn’t know what type of doctor she wants to be yet, she is in her rotations now. She has new stories everyday for me and sees different patients and she is going to get here boards out of the way and then she will be a little less stressed.”
  • On how important his fiance’s career is to him, “it shouldn’t be more than doing the right thing for someone else. She has worked really hard and deserves to see all of her dreams come true. We set out a couple of years ago to find a way to make it work for both of us and hopefully we are on the right path.”
Jacob Trouba Rangers

Jacob Trouba signs Seven-Year contract with the Rangers

4:53PM: Trouba’s contract breaks down as (Cap Friendly):

  • 2019-20: $12 million (4M Base Salary & $8M Signing Bonus)
  • 2020-21: $10 million (2M Base Salary & $8M Signing Bonus) | No-Move Clause
  • 2021-22: $8 million (2M Base Salary & $6M Signing Bonus) | No-Move Clause
  • 2022-23: $6 million base salary | No-Move Clause
  • 2023-24: $8 million base salary | No-Move Clause
  • 2024-25: $6 million base salary | 15-team no-trade list
  • 2025-26: $6 million base salary | 12-team no-trade list

Players can’t have no-move clauses in their contracts until they are 26.

4:04PM: The Rangers have announced that they have come to terms with Jacob Trouba on a seven-year contract.

His cap hit is $8 million and the deal includes some no-move protection.

His contract appears to include a limited no-trade clause beginning in 2024-25 that allows Trouba to submit a list of 15 teams he would not accept a trade to.

Trouba was an RFA and scheduled for an arbitration hearing next week.

The Rangers acquired Trouba from Winnipeg in June for the 20th pick in the 2019 draft and Neal Pionk.

Adam Rotter: It took a bit longer than expected but this was the expected outcome for the Rangers and Trouba. The Rangers have their Ryan McDonagh replacement locked up and hope that Trouba can have the same type of impact that their former captain did. It’s about fair market value for someone like Trouba and easily what he would have gotten as a UFA next summer. Will he live up to being an $8 million dollar a year player? We can’t know for sure but it’s much safer to make that kind of bet on a 25-year like Trouba then it would have been on a 30-year old McDonagh. Now with Trouba signed the Rangers need to figure out how the rest of the D will shake out and see who will, and more importantly who won’t, be with the team this season.

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What to expect from the Rangers this week

7/10 | EJ Hradek said on the NHL Network on Tuesday evening, “I talked to Jeff Gorton yesterday and he said that it’s a process and they are working on it. There is arbitration that they can go through and get a deal done for a year and then get back at it on a longer term deal but Trouba wants to be there, the Rangers went out and got him. I think this is a long term deal that can get done.”

7/9 | The NHLPA has announced that Trouba’s arbitration hearing is set for 7/25 and that Buchnevich’s hearing is set for 7/29.

7/8 | The Rangers enter this week with just over $8 million in cap space and Jacob Trouba, Tony DeAngelo, Pavel Buchnevich, Brendan Lemieux and Vinni Lettieri still needing to be signed.

Trouba and Buchnevich filed for arbitration over the weekend with hearings slated for later this month.

Reports indicate that the Rangers are moving closer on a contract with Trouba, likely to be in the seven-year range and a cap hit of close to $8 million per season.

Chris Kreider remains with the Rangers with one-year left on his contract and Jeff Gorton said last week “we’ve had a couple of chats with Chris’ group and where it goes with any of our players, we will take some time to figure that out. Today is a big day in getting Panarin but we will move forward in the next few days and start to figure out what is next and where we go from here. Chris, in particular, is a really good player and a player we like a lot and we will continue to talk to his agent and Chris and see what his next.”

With Trouba and Buchnevich filing for arbitration, the Rangers will have access to a second buyout window. Kevin Shattenkirk and Brendan Smith are possible buyout options for the Rangers.

The Rangers have used 39 of their 50 contract slots.

The Rangers remain without a coaching staff for the Hartford Wolf Pack.

Adam Rotter: The Rangers still have moves to make and it wouldn’t be shocking if Trouba’s deal gets finalized and announced at some point this week. The overall framework seems agreed to, or close to it, with details such as structure, signing bonuses and no-move/no-trade protection still being ironed out. Once Trouba is locked up the Rangers can then look at how they want to create the cap space to sign Buchnevich, DeAngelo and Lemieux. The belief from some around the league is that the Rangers have some different options but they may be held up by the log-jam of top RFAs and second and third tier UFAs still waiting to sign.

Vlad Namestnikov jumps off the page as the most likely player to be moved but the Rangers don’t want to give him away. It’s more than likely that he will be moved for a pick or two to a team looking for a solid top-nine forward but the Rangers may have to retain some of his salary to get the best return.

Matt Beleskey and his $1.9 million cap hit could give the Rangers some relief in Hartford but he may be someone the Rangers move to a team that needs to get right up to the cap for maximum LTIR benefits. If anything happens related to that it likely won’t happen until right before the season starts.

The feeling from some around the league is that the Rangers plan to keep Kevin Shattenkirk and that, unless a contender was willing to trade for him, he may wield his no-move/no-trade protection to make sure of it. The Rangers don’t appear too keen on using a buyout on Shattenkirk unless it’s absolutely necessary. The right side and PP are both crowded with Trouba, Tony DeAngelo and Adam Fox but Fox may start the season in Hartford with the hope he follows Ryan McDonagh’s development path instead of Matt Gilroy’s.

Brendan Smith remains the most likely Ranger to be bought out but that still remains to be seen. The preference would be to move Smith in a trade but that is much easier said than done for a defenseman that played more forward than defense for parts of last season.

Then there is Chris Kreider as the Rangers face a situation of needing to be move him before the season starts or find some way to lock him up long-term. Kreider does have some control with a limited NTC but I don’t think either side is interested in heading to training camp in the current situation. I still believe that the Rangers intended to sign Kreider long-term but that things changed in a big way when Artemi Panarin signed. There was no reason to keep Kreider at the deadline, when his value was at his absolute highest, if the intention wasn’t to extend him and the same holds true of the draft. There are a number of teams that would be a fit for Kreider with Boston, Montreal and Columbus all making sense.

Jacob Trouba Rangers

The Rangers have made progress on a contract for Jacob Trouba

7/1 | Jeff Gorton said of Trouba, “I’ve had really good conversations with those guys, moving in the right direction and I think it will continue to do so. All of our conversations are about how much he wants to be part of it in NY and the Rangers. Everything is positive and we are looking forward.”

6/28 | Larry Brooks writes that the Rangers and Jacob Trouba’s agent are working on an extension that is expected to be seven-years and in the range of $7.5 million to $8 million per season. (NY Post)

It was noted last week that Trouba’s deal would likely be seven-years and close to $8 million.

A cap hit between $7.5 million and $8 million would likely put him in the top-10 for highest cap hits for defensemen.

Trouba, 25, played last season on a one-year arbitration deal that paid him $5.5 million.

Trouba would be one of only three defensemen 27 or younger with a cap hit of at least $7 million. (Cap Friendly)

Prior to the arbitration hearing last summer, the Jets submitted a salary of $4 million to the arbitrator while Trouba submitted $7 million.

Brian Burke said on Hockey Central at Noon on 6/28, “The money for Jacob Trouba, lets look at what he is. He’s definitely a top-four defenseman but he’s not higher than a three, he can’t play the left side. He has some bite and he can pound the puck but he’s not an offensive threat. He’s in that second pair and that is what the market is for those guys. They are going to choke on the term. With Jacob Trouba, who I like as a player, he has some bit, he’s never turned into the offensive force they thought he might be. When he turned pro the comparisons were to John Carlson, big shot, right shot, American kid, has some bite, will put up good points and he hasn’t. He’s an open-ice hitter, finishes hard in his own end, everyone likes him, I like him as a player but his offense is limited, he can not play the left side. I’m not being critical, it’s just that when he played the left side he hated it and was bad at it. He’s gotta play the right side, he’s not a first PP guy, he’s not a first PK guy on a lot of teams, he might be there. I don’t mind the money, the term is going to be the problem.”

He is slated to be a UFA next summer.

Adam Rotter: The Rangers acquired Trouba knowing that it would cost a lot in terms of cap hit but they feel the investment is worth it because of his age, impact and role in the rebuild. He can be a steal for the Rangers at around $8 million if he can put him 50-60 points, play 22-24 minutes and anchor the Rangers top-pair.