Kevin Shattenkirk

Kevin Shattenkirk signs One-Year deal with Tampa Bay

1:57PM: Shattenkirk said that he was “pretty pissed off” about being bought out by the Rangers and that he has a big chip on his shoulder to prove he is back to the player he used to be. (AP)

9:52AM: The Lightning have announced that Kevin Shattenkirk has signed a one-year deal worth $1.75 million.

Shattenkirk re-joins former Rangers captain Ryan McDonagh with Tampa.

Shattenkirk was nearly traded to Tampa Bay from St. Louis in 2017 but the deal fell apart when Shattenkirk was unwilling to commit to a seven-year, $42 million dollar extension with the Lightning. (STLToday)

It’s believed that Tampa Bay would have sent Jonathan Drouin to St. Louis for Shattenkirk.

He was ultimately traded to Washington as a rental before signing with the Rangers that summer.

Drouin was eventually traded to Montreal for right shot defenseman Mikhail Sergachev.

Adam Rotter: It is not surprising to see Shattenkirk end up in Tampa. He was going to go to a contending team and Tampa, along with possibly Nashville, fit that. He can play the third-pair and second PP role with Tampa Bay that he could have had with the Rangers but at a cap hit that befits that role.

2019 Rangers Offseason Kevin Shattenkirk

The Rangers are buying out Kevin Shattenkirk’s contract

8/1/19 | 2PM: The Rangers have confirmed the Shattenkirk buyout and President John Davidson released the following statement:

“Today’s decision was a very difficult one. Kevin is a great person and teammate and he was extremely proud to be a New York Ranger. We wish him and his family all the best going forward.”

7/31/19 | 6:14PM: According to Brett Cyrgalis, Rick Carpiniello and David Pagnotta, the Rangers are buying out the final two-years of Kevin Shattenkirk’s contract.

Shattenkirk’s agent confirmed the buyout to Pagnotta.

By buying out Shattenkirk’s ($6.65 million) contract the Rangers will save:

  • $5.16 million in cap space this season and $566,667 in cap space next season.

By buying out Shattenkirk’s contract, the Rangers will have the following in dead cap space for the next four seasons:

  • 2019-20: $1.483 million
  • 2020-21: $6.083 million
  • 2021-22: $1.43 million
  • 2022-23: $1.43 million

In two seasons with the Rangers, Shattenkirk had 7 goals and 44 assists, a minus 29 rating and an average of 19:27 per game in 119 games.

Shattenkirk signed a four-year deal worth $26.6 million on July 1, 2017, reportedly turning down offers of more money and more term.

Shattenkirk said in June that he didn’t see why the Rangers wouldn’t bring him back and that he was excited that the Rangers were rebuilding quicker than most thought. (Newsday)

He said that adding Jacob Trouba was “big” for the Rangers an noted that in his conversation with Jeff Gorton at the end of last season was about “coming back and having a big year next year.” (Newsday)

Shattenkirk said, “I think I want this to work out more than anyone. I want to know what it’s like to win in New York and bring a championship here. It’s been a dream of mine since I was a kid and it still is.” (Newsday)

Adam Rotter: This isn’t the move I would have made, but it gets the Rangers under the cap and doesn’t force them to make any potential trades from a point of weakness just to clear cap space. There is no doubt that Shattenkirk was a disappointment in his time with the Rangers and that while the injury he suffered in his first training camp impacted him, he also didn’t fit with where the Rangers are going. The Rangers that he signed with looked like a team that might have another playoff run or two in them, after losing what should have been a winnable second round series against Ottawa, but that team couldn’t be further from where the Rangers are now. Only 8 of the players that suited up in his first game as a Ranger are still on the team.

I thought that Shattenkirk would be with the Rangers and get a chance to start the year in the top-four and with some PP time so that he could hopefully find his game and increase his value. I thought that someone during the course of the season might take a flyer on Shattenkirk via a trade at half his salary but the Rangers decided to go in this direction. It’s a move that makes sense from a roster standpoint and if the Rangers feel like the big moves they’ve made this summer won’t necessitate new big salary players next summer, then the Rangers won’t be punting this year’s cap problems to next year. The Rangers may be a little quieter next summer and wait to make other big moves until after the 2020-21 season when Staal, Smith and Henrik Lundqvist all come off the cap.

Ultimately this has to be a roster decision for the Rangers that also happens to work with the cap. Marc Staal was more cost effective to buy out but he has a bigger role on this team. Brendan Smith also would have been more cost effective to buy out but his versatility at being able to play both sides on defense and even up at forward probably saved him. Sitting Smith for an extended period also wouldn’t be the same kind of story or distraction that sitting Shattenkirk would be. In the end this is the move the Rangers decided to make to clear up cap space. It gets them pretty much compliant in one fell swoop and allows them to keep working on other deals that may increase cap space down the line.

2019 Rangers Offseason Kevin Shattenkirk

Where the Rangers are and aren’t are with moves

In the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that the Rangers have:

  • Not found any interest in a trade for Kevin Shattenkirk unless it saw them take an “onerous” contract back in return
  • “No interest at all” in Brendan Smith
  • Not been able to find a team willing to take on Vlad Namestnikov‘s cap hit of $4 million
  • Not begun any extension talk with pending UFA Chris Kreider

Brooks adds that right now there is “no smoke” about a potential trade of Kreider and that with so many teams dealing with cap issues no one is “quite banging down the door” for the Rangers forward. (NY Post)

He also writes that both Tony DeAngelo and Brendan Lemieux may have to play next season on one-year deals close to their qualifying offers in the $900,000 range. (NY Post)

Both players would be eligible for arbitration next summer if they were to sign one-year deals.

Jacob Trouba and Pavel Buchnevich both have arbitration hearings set before the end of July.

The Rangers will have a second buyout window following the resolution of the Trouba and Buchnevich’s contract situations.

The potential buyout cap hits for certain Rangers are:

  • 2019-20: Smith $970,3833 | Shattenkirk $1.483 million | Namestnikov $1.333 million | Staal $2.9 million
  • 2020-21: Smith $3.145 million | Shattenkirk $6.083 million | Namestnikov $1.333 million | Staal $3.7 million
  • 2021-22: Smith $1.45 million | Shattenkirk $1.433 million | Staal $1.2 million
  • 2022-23: Smith $1.45 million | Shattenkirk $1.433 million | Staal $1.2 million

Adam Rotter: The Rangers are one of, maybe, 26-27 teams, in the position of needing to sign players but not really having the cap space to do it until other moves are made. Arbitration hearings will start to break through the deadlock as teams teams will either sign deals or have an arbitrator award them.

I think Kevin Shattenkirk is staying with the Rangers and that he may get a chance at the start of the season, likely with Adam Fox in Hartford, to build up his value. No one is really going to want to see Shattenkirk get ice time over Fox or Tony DeAngelo but it’s a distinct possibility that the Rangers start next season with that situation. A buyout of Shattenkirk just doesn’t make sense and only pushes some of the cap issues for this year into next year. Maybe the Rangers are okay with that and will deal with next year, next year. Brendan Smith is more likely to be bought out though as the cap charges aren’t as high.

Even though his buyout would cost less on the cap than either Shattenkirk or Brendan Smith, I don’t think the Rangers are going to buy out Marc Staal.

Kevin Shattenkirk Rangers

The Kevin Shattenkirk situation the Rangers have

In 73 games this season Kevin Shattenkirk had two goals, 26 assists, a minus 15 rating and an average of 18:56 per game.

Shattenkirk only had one goal and six assists on the PP this season and ranked third overall on the team in total PP time played but fifth in PP time per game.

He was a healthy scratch twice during the year in the Rangers 4th and 67th games and missed seven games in December due to a shoulder injury.

Shattenkirk has two more seasons left on his contract with cap hits of $6.65 million as well as a no-move clause and a modified no-trade clause.

If the Rangers were to buy out Shattenkirk’s final two seasons the cap hit would be:

  • 2019-20: $1.483 million
  • 2020-21: $6.083 million
  • 2021-22: $1.433 million
  • 2022-23: $1.433 million

Shattenkrik said that he thinks he has a higher level of play to get to and one that would allow him to be the player “everyone wants me to be here.” (The Athletic)

Asked about Shattenkirk on 3/21, David Quinn said he and I went to breakfast two days ago, the day of the game and talked about this. I think he has played better, and he feels this way too, there needs to be more consistency in his game but his good has been better. He wants to minimize some of the mistakes and consistency. He is being more productive offensively which we love, I loved what he did on our last PP against Detroit, that was the best our PP has looked in three weeks and he was a big part of that. There was a pace, attack mentality from his end of it, I think that fueled the rest of the PP.”

Quinn continued, “for sure I think there is another level for him to get at and he has gotten better. Guys can continue to get better and they need to continue to get better no matter how old you are. I know we have all touched on his injury and when you are coming back from a knee injury sometimes it takes a little longer to fully get back, if you are 98% back, that 2% is a big difference in this league. If some guys were 2% better than they were they would probably be in the league instead of the minor league, it’s a big difference. I think he is still creeping back to 100%, not making excuses for him, I just think it’s reality and that his better play has been better lately.”

Shattenkirk said in late March that he has enjoyed working with the young Rangers and trying to “help them along.” (The Athletic)

He said that he felt his game had “really come back” following his December injury but added that he wanted his PP performance to be better. (The Athletic)

Adam Rotter: Shattenkirk has some level of control about his future so it’s more likely than not that he remains with the Rangers. That could certainly change, especially if the Rangers go after a big time defenseman like Erik Karlsson as a free agent or someone else on the trade market. Shattenkirk still holds some value as a veteran offensive defenseman that can work with Tony DeAngelo, Neal Pionk and some of the Rangers other young defenders with offensive upside.

Kevin Shattenkirk Rangers

The role Kevin Shattenkirk should have when he returns

Kevin Shattenkirk said on Friday that he is feeling good and that he hopes returning this weekend is possible. (MSG)

He said that his goal is to return when he is 100% and able to make an impact. (MSG)

Shattenkirk has missed the past six games with a shoulder injury.

David Quinn said that he expects Shattenkirk to return during the Rangers two-game road trip. (Newsday)

Larry Brooks writes that the Rangers need to put Kevin Shattenkirk into a prominent position, more PP time, upon his return so that they can increase his value for a possible trade. (NY Post)

Shattenkirk has two-years left on his contract ($6.65M cap hit) after this season with a modified no-trade clause and a no-move clause.

His actual salary for next season is $6.6 million and $4 million in the final-year.

Adam Rotter: Injuries and a team in transition have not allowed Shattenkirk to be the player the Rangers thought they were getting. Would there be a market for him if the Rangers wanted to trade him? Sure. Shattenkirk is still an extremely skilled player and since the Rangers would almost certainly have to retain salary in a possible move, a lot of teams would likely have interest. Can they move him is only part of the situation though. The other factors are if they want to move him and then what they would get back.

If the Rangers just want his spot on the roster free and, most of, his cap hit back, they could likely trade him quickly for a small return and likely a bad contract that will expire at the end of the season. If they want to get meaningful assets back it will be a much tougher trade to make because how the Rangers value him and how other teams value him are not likely to line up. I think that the Rangers would prefer to make a hockey trade, if they were going to move Shattenkirk, and that will be tough to do unless he regains his form in a big way. But if he regains his form in a big way, wouldn’t it make sense to keep him? That would be the best case scenario for the Rangers and one they have to hope will come true.