Kevin Shattenkirk, Rangers

The role Kevin Shattenkirk should have when he returns

Kevin Shattenkirk said on Friday that he is feeling good and that he hopes returning this weekend is possible. (MSG)

He said that his goal is to return when he is 100% and able to make an impact. (MSG)

Shattenkirk has missed the past six games with a shoulder injury.


David Quinn said that he expects Shattenkirk to return during the Rangers two-game road trip. (Newsday)

Larry Brooks writes that the Rangers need to put Kevin Shattenkirk into a prominent position, more PP time, upon his return so that they can increase his value for a possible trade. (NY Post)

Shattenkirk has two-years left on his contract ($6.65M cap hit) after this season with a modified no-trade clause and a no-move clause.

His actual salary for next season is $6.6 million and $4 million in the final-year.

Adam Rotter: Injuries and a team in transition have not allowed Shattenkirk to be the player the Rangers thought they were getting. Would there be a market for him if the Rangers wanted to trade him? Sure. Shattenkirk is still an extremely skilled player and since the Rangers would almost certainly have to retain salary in a possible move, a lot of teams would likely have interest. Can they move him is only part of the situation though. The other factors are if they want to move him and then what they would get back.

If the Rangers just want his spot on the roster free and, most of, his cap hit back, they could likely trade him quickly for a small return and likely a bad contract that will expire at the end of the season. If they want to get meaningful assets back it will be a much tougher trade to make because how the Rangers value him and how other teams value him are not likely to line up. I think that the Rangers would prefer to make a hockey trade, if they were going to move Shattenkirk, and that will be tough to do unless he regains his form in a big way. But if he regains his form in a big way, wouldn’t it make sense to keep him? That would be the best case scenario for the Rangers and one they have to hope will come true.