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The Good Luck charm that Jeff Gorton brought to the Draft Lottery

The Rangers will have the SECOND pick in the 2019 NHL draft.

Jeff Gorton spoke after and said (NYR):

  • What was the feeling when your name wasn’t called at 7, “initial reaction when you see that you are going to be in the top-three is exciting. You hope for the best, have good feelings and bring nice things that help us along but when you see you are in the top-three it’s a rush and then you want to get as high as you can, your heart starts racing and you see Chicago go by you and fortunately for us we are leaving with second overall.”
  • What does it mean for the franchise, “it’s opportunity, a great opportunity to draft second position in an unbelievable draft. We are excited about the caliber of player that will be made available to us, I’ve said a few times, we’ve never picked this high. 6th would have been a great spot too but second will afford us some different looks and thought process as we go through this over the next couple of months.”
  • Does it shift the next couple of months, “I don’t think it shifts too much, I think it’s great that it’s earlier and gives us an opportunity to maybe spend with a smaller group of player. We get to go to the U-18s and know where we are picking as opposed to what might happen in the lottery. We know we are second overall and we are excited as we head over to the U-18s next week.”
  • “My first thought was the fans and how supportive they’ve been since we announced what we were going to do. It’s only been a little over a year but it feels longer sometimes but when you have a night like tonight and get 2nd overall it’s great for the fans and something to look forward to.”
  • On having Steven McDonald’s shield, “Steven McDonald is something that means a lot to the Rangers franchise, when you name your extra effort award it tells you about the person we are honoring as we bring the shield up here. We are lucky that Patti and Connor were able to give us this opportunity and it just felt lucky as soon as the idea came.”

2019 Draft Kaapo Kakko NHL Draft NHL Draft Lottery

The Rangers will have the Second overall pick in 2019

The Rangers will have the Second Overall pick in 2019.

The Rangers had the sixth best odds of winning the lottery and a 23% chance of picking in the top-3.

Jeff Gorton said on NBCSN, “it certainly helps when you can move to the top-3, the Rangers have never been in the top-3, it’s exciting right now.”

The Top-3 ranked North American skaters by Central Scouting are centers Jack Hughes, Kirby Dach and Dylan Cozens.

The Top-3 ranked European skaters by Central Scouting are Finnish RW Kaapo Kakko, Russian RW Vasily Podkolzin and Swedish defenseman Phillip Broberg.

Kakko is ranked second overall by TSN’s Bob McKenzie and Craig Button.

One NHL head scout scout told McKenzie of the race between Hughes and Kakko, “The difference for us, right now, is razor thin. It’s almost a coin flip, pretty much a dead heat. Really close. Call it Hughes at 51 per cent, Kakko at 49 per cent. It’s that close and that could change.”

Another scout told McKenzie said that Kakko’s “game is from the top of the circles down with his size, strength and release.”

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Corey Pronman wrote in The Athletic, “Kakko is a top prospect because he has so many high-end elements. I’ve talked to scouts who feel his compete level is his best trait, scouts who feel his hands are his best trait, as well as scouts who feel his hockey sense is his best trait.

Adam Rotter: Well this worked out pretty well for the Rangers. You have to think that Kaapo Kakko will be the pick but the Rangers love taking Russians so you can’t rule out Podkolzin. Either way the Rangers are adding an extremely high-end winger to their rebuild and someone that should team with Vitali Kravtsov to drive the Rangers offense for many years to come. Kakko will draw a lot of the attention leading up to the draft and for good reason. Some compare his style of play to Rick Nash with his hands and how he attacks the net to score. He fits very well with the type of player the Rangers usually take, European/high hockey IQ/high compete, and is probably someone David Quinn will love right away. This was certainly a trying season for the Rangers but they kept working, kept competing and the ping pong balls rewarded them.

2019 Draft NHL Draft Lottery

The Rangers have a 7.5% chance at the first overall pick

4/7/19 | By finishing the season with 79 points, the Rangers have the sixth best odds of winning the NHL Draft Lottery and picking 1st overall.

The Rangers have a 7.5% chance of picking first overall and a 23.3% chance of picking in the top-3.

Had the Rangers not picked up points in their final two games they would have finished 5th overall and with an 8.5% chance of the first overall pick.

From the league:

  • The 2019 NHL Draft Lottery – which will be held Tuesday, April 9, in Toronto, will consist of three drawings: the 1st Lottery Draw will determine the club selecting first overall, the 2nd Lottery Draw will determine the club selecting second overall and the 3rd Lottery Draw will determine the club selecting third overall.
  • The odds for the remaining clubs will increase on a proportionate basis for the 2nd Lottery Draw, based on which club wins the 1st Lottery Draw, and again for the 3rd Lottery Draw, based on which club wins the 2nd Lottery Draw.
  • The 12 clubs not selected in the 2019 NHL Draft Lottery will be assigned 2019 NHL Draft selections 4 through 15, in inverse order of regular-season points.

The Rangers can finish with the following pick:

  • 1st overall: if they win the lottery
  • 2nd overall: if they win the second lottery drawing
  • 3rd overall: if they win the third lottery drawing
  • 6th overall: if any of the five of the teams ahead of the Rangers win the first three drawings
  • 7th overall: if one team below the Rangers wins one of the three drawings
  • 8th overall: if two teams below the Rangers wins two of the three drawings
  • 9th overall: if three teams below the Rangers wins all three of the three drawings

From the Rangers, “The Blueshirts currently have 10 picks in the 2019 NHL Entry Draft (their own first-round pick, Winnipeg’s first-round pick, their own second-round pick, either Dallas’ second-round pick or first-round pick, either Tampa Bay’s second-round pick or first-round pick, their own third-round pick, Columbus’ fourth-round pick, their own fifth-round pick, their own sixth-round pick, and Columbus’ seventh-round pick).”