Tony DeAngelo

What Tony DeAngelo said about how it ended with the Rangers

Tony DeAngelo was on the Cam and Strick Podcast and spoke about how his time with the Rangers ended.

DeAngelo said “you get bought in NY and the way that goes, I’ll never dive into the story and never rat about anything or tell on something that I know happened. It is what it is and I get bought out, I took the brunt of what happened and I’m not going to finger point at people or whatever. All I would say is I don’t think that is the way it should have went down, I think I should have been traded. You release a guy that is making $5 million and just came off a big year, especially with my reputation, people are going to think that something huge happened. If you scratch me for a game while working on a trade and you trade me two days later they aren’t going to think anything of it.”

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Tony DeAngelo

Tony DeAngelo expected to sign one-year deal with Carolina

7:35AM: Pierre LeBrun tweets that Tony DeAngelo is expected to sign a one-year deal with Carolina that will be worth $1 million.

DeAngelo was officially bought out by the Rangers on Saturday.

DeAngelo will join former Rangers Brady Skjei and Jesper Fast in Carolina.

The Rangers play the Hurricanes four times this and he will make his return to MSG on April 12.

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Tony DeAngelo

The Rangers have officially bought out Tony DeAngelo

The Rangers have announced that they have officially bought out the final year of Tony DeAngelo’s contract.

The buyout will save the Rangers $4.4 million in cap space but create dead cap hits for the next two seasons of (CapFriendly):

  • 2021-22: $383,333
  • 2022-23: $883,333

The Rangers offered DeAngelo the chance to terminate his contract and allow him to become a free agent but DeAngelo turned them down.

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Tony DeAngelo

Where things are with Tony DeAngelo and the Rangers (Updates)

4/13/21 | 3:54PM: Larry Brooks writes in the NY Post that more than one team was interested in signing DeAngelo had he opted to terminate his contract but there was not enough time to find the “right fit and deal.”

Brooks writes that DeAngelo and his agent brought the option of termination to the Rangers but it was contingent upon DeAngelo being able to find a new deal. Brooks adds that Montreal’s offer covered the rest of DeAngelo’s contract for this season and the amount he would lose in the buyout. (NY Post)

3:48PM: On the Ray and Dregs podcast, Darren Dreger said “The Tony DeAngelo story has kind of faded, still the property of the New York Rangers, I know that Pat Brisson, the agent, worked this deal this deal hard. So the New York Rangers offer a mutual termination to Tony DeAngelo, now what that means is that your  contract is null and void, there are millions of dollars, I think over $6 million still in play, wouldn’t be an easy decision for Tony DeAngelo. Brisson, in the meantime, had effectively worked out a deal with the Montreal Canadiens on the weekend, I think it was a two-year deal, but could stand to be corrected on that, but there was interest, the Montreal Canadiens the most interested in bringing Tony DeAngelo back into the NHL, but he would have had to terminate his deal, go through waivers and then re-up on the other side. He opted not to do that, personal, financial decision made by Tony DeAngelo and his family.”

1:39PM: On the 31 Thoughts Podcast, Elliotte Friedman said “The Canadiens decided that they wanted to give DeAngelo a look, but they didn’t want to pick up the $5 million for next year. So what was going to have to happen was DeAngelo and the Rangers were going to have to agree to termination and then the Canadiens were going to sign him to a contract for next year. I don’t know the exact number, but basically from what I heard, it was going to make DeAngelo whole, because DeAngelo is under 26, he is getting bought out for 1/3 next year, not 2/3. By not accepting the termination he saves just under $3 million. I think Montreal was going to make him pretty close to whole, between next year and this year, he was going to be close to whole. However, he decided not to do it and will take the buyout. He turned down the Canadiens. What I think is that he believes there will be other opportunities for him and maybe there is something that he thinks is better, but he does seem to think there will be opportunities for him. We’ll see where it goes this offeseason, but Montreal was definitely interested and they offered him a contract for next year that if it was not going to make him whole, come pretty close to it.”

4/12/21 | 7:29 PM: Darren Dreger tweets that the Rangers offered Tony DeAngelo the option of mutually terminating his contract and allowing him to become a free agent but DeAngelo opted against it.

Dreger says that DeAngelo will be bought out of the final year of his contract this summer.

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