Tony DeAngelo

What Tony DeAngelo said about how it ended with the Rangers

Tony DeAngelo was on the Cam and Strick Podcast and spoke about how his time with the Rangers ended.

DeAngelo said “you get bought in NY and the way that goes, I’ll never dive into the story and never rat about anything or tell on something that I know happened. It is what it is and I get bought out, I took the brunt of what happened and I’m not going to finger point at people or whatever. All I would say is I don’t think that is the way it should have went down, I think I should have been traded. You release a guy that is making $5 million and just came off a big year, especially with my reputation, people are going to think that something huge happened. If you scratch me for a game while working on a trade and you trade me two days later they aren’t going to think anything of it.”


He continued, “you have Trouba and Fox and on the right side, there are things there that could actually make a trade make sense. When I got released there and then all these stories came out in the media that were inaccurate, for example, the one that I bullied K’Andre Miller and that would allude to racism and knowing that I got suspended in junior and it was a completely false story and I would never ask another player to come out and protect me because I don’t need it, I don’t want anybody else to put themselves in the spotlight, but K’Andre Miller, who is a fantastic young player and we got along real good, I only knew him for a month and half, two months. We got along great, good kid, quiet, I was probably one of the loudest guys in the locker room and never shut up, but for a story like that to come out and be spread 40,000 times on the internet between the likes and that kind of stuff and people believe it and then you get this reputation painted of you again and people say he got suspended in junior,’ why wouldn’t they believe it? I didn’t realy like that and I didn’t like that there was no backup for me from the team, they wanted to get rid of me so bad, it is what it is, but there was no protection of me as well, to put that out there that it wasn’t true and there was no trying to trade me, it was just like ‘oh, we’re going to bury you. I took it and said it is what it is and if I have to sit out the year, I actually, the one thing I always wanted to get out there, but never did, was that year at the deadline I offered to terminate my own contract to play again and then a story comes out after the deadline, when it didn’t pan out, that the Rangers offered for me to terminate and then I declined, which was very inaccurate. I offered it because I wanted to play.”

He went on, “I spoke to a ton of people this summer, everyone was doing their due diligence and you get the same reports back, that my teammates and I get along great and never have problems and teammates love me. Obviously I had the incident with the teammate and it ain’t the first two teammates to have an incident. It’s the NHL, pro hockey, people are competitive and I don’t even blame him for it either, it is what it is and it’s not the first guys that this ever happened to?

When asked directly what happened with Alex Georgiev, DeAngelo said “we were coming off the ice and I said something to him and you should never say something to a goalie when you are coming off the ice and I take my part in that, he’s running hot, we just lost in OT and if I were him I would want to turn around and say something. He turned around and tried to throw a shot and it kind of got broken up pretty quick and it was kind of the wrong guy to throw a shot at, especially when it’s off the ice. It kind of calmed down, but there was other stuff going on with the team and I at the time where I kind of wanted to be traded and Quinn and I, I actually like David Quinn personally, but we weren’t seeing totally eye to eye as head coach and player and the next morning, no one called me, I just got released, waived. It was it. All that kind of stuff, I just feel like it got magnified to a way….”

“I’m the first guy to take responsibility for things, do I think stuff like that should be made public? Absolutely not and I think there is a little bit of a code that should be followed by and I got released. I ain’t sitting here saying they made the wrong move, would I have preferred to get traded? Absolutely, but I got released. I’m not going to blame anybody, they moved on, nobody picked me up. I said to all the teams that called me that I’m a fiery guy and have I made mistakes? Absolutely, but am I ready to go and play? Absolutely and that is what I did, I went to Carolina and played for a great coach and played well.”

When asked if he has talked with John Davidson, Jeff Gorton or David Quinn again, DeAngelo said “Yea, John Davidson texted me to congratulate me on heading to the Flyers. It’s funny, the way it ended there, I didn’t like how I wasn’t just traded and it became public knowledge and I turned into enemy #1 in NY as you guys could see in the playoffs, but personally, as guys I liked them. Quinny, as a guy, I liked, sometimes a coach we didn’t totally get along all the time or see eye to eye, but as a good, he’s a good guy and I think anybody on our team would say he was a good guy. I liked him, funny guy. Gorts I really liked and I was close with Gorts’ son, he was at the rink a lot of the time. JD, they were all good people, I never have anything bad to say about any of them. The only thing and I told them to their face and anybody that I spoke to publicly, I really believed that I should have been traded and not released and bought out after. I felt like. They talked super highly of me when they speak to you guys and I would talk highly of them, I think they are all good hockey guys and good people, but the one thing that we’ll never agree on is that I wasn’t able to get moved. And you aren’t able to get moved because of what people know after. What are they going to say? ‘Eat half the salary and then maybe we’ll take him’ and obviously they weren’t going to do that, but if nobody knows what happens and they just say that they are moving on and they have a piece to move here and we have too many righties, I highly think that I would have gotten traded without issue.”

On the interest in him after he was waived, DeAngelo said “A lot of calls came in, a ton of calls, I think there was maybe 17 different teams that at one point called to see what would be the thing and that is when I said ‘you know what? I’ll terminate this deal if we can find the right fit.’ And when I was going to go terminate the deal it was going to have to be like a two-year deal and it just didn’t make sense. What if you go somewhere and it wasn’t the right fit, then you are stuck there for another year….It just didn’t wind up working out, it was a little too late there….when the offseason came around it was a lot of the same teams interested again and, to be honest with you, a lot of the times, ownership of some teams were putting the ‘no’ on it. You’d get to the time where you have a deal and ownership would pass on it because they didn’t want the publicity or whatever, which I understood, it’s a business they are running.”