Julien Gauthier Scouting Reports

2019-20 The Hockey News Yearbook: Ranked as Carolina’s 5th best prospect, “large-bodied winger with finishing touch still refining pro game. Able to play a heavy style.”

2019 The Hockey News Future Watch: Ranked 5th, “Gauthier was headed down the “first-round bust” path before the light started to come on. He’s a physical specimen, but his introduction to the pros became a struggle when he discovered his strength wasn’t the advantage it was in junior. There’s a long way to go, but Gauthier is showing signs of becoming the power forward the Canes thought they were getting. It will take a few years of development to determine what they have in him, but they think he is likely to play in the NHL, which was uncertain a year ago.”

2018-19 The Hockey News Yearbook: Ranked as Carolina’s 8th best prospect, “power forward had slow adjustment to pro level. Needs to build discipline and focus.”

2018 The Hockey News Future Watch: Ranked 5th, “Even when he was drafted, Gauthier was a beast, a muscled specimen of a hockey player with the physical development of someone several years older. That hasn’t changed. But the transition from major junior to the AHL hasn’t been an easy one, and he’s still learning the discipline, effort and focus needed on a night-in, night-out basis as a pro. With his body, he has the long-term potential to be a game-changing threat on the wing, but he’s got to get the rest of his game in shape first, on and off the ice.”

2017-18 The Hockey News Yearbook: Ranked as Carolina’s Top Prospect, “good strength, speed and conditioning, but his goal-scoring dried up last season.”

2017 The Hockey News Future Watch: Ranked as Carolina’s Top prospect and 25th overall in the NHL, “The Cane had their choice of hulking forwards when they drafted Gauthier. They liked Gauthier’s strength – his dad and grandfather both won Mr. Canada – as well as his speed and conditioning, all of which are outstanding. Gauthier’s challenge is converting his physical advantage into offensive production. When he does, as he did at times for Canada in the World Juniors, he’s a force. But he still has plenty more to offer.”

2016-17 The Hockey News Yearbook: Ranked as Carolina’s 4th best prospect, “big, well-built winger has a knack for scoring goals and plays a solid north-south game.

2016 Future Considerations Draft Preview: Ranked 21st overall, “He slid a little to close the year, but he has NHL-ready size, great stickhandling, outstanding goal-scoring ability and a lot of speed. Has all the skills to become a top power forward in the NHL.”

  • “NHL Potential: Top-Six Goal scoring power winger”

2016 McKeen’s Draft Preview: Ranked 20th overall, “No top-20 forward saw his stock drop like the 6-4, 220-pound forward. Once thought to be a candidate for the top five and the best prospect in the QMJHL, Gauthier scored seven goals in his final 22 games (including playoffs) after starting the season with 36 goals in his first 38 games. Gauthier’s assets are plainly obvious – he’s a huge kid with tremendous strength that skates well and can shoot the puck and score goals, but unfortunately that’s where the superlatives end.”

2016 The Hockey News Draft Preview: Ranked 15th overall, “He won’t go first overall the way Rick Nash did in 2002, but there are similarities between the two. ‘He’s a huge talent,’ said a scout. ‘He exudes talent. He’s big and powerful and fluid, and he’s got a great skating stride. For a power guy, his skating style is smooth and elegant. For him to get to the area he gets to is as much a testament to his feel and instincts as it is to his skating. He’s just a horse down the wing. He’s not a playmaker at all. He’s really hard to handle because he can move, and he has those good hands in those hard areas.”

  • NHL Projection: Power Forward

Bob McKenzie’s 2016 TSN Draft Rankings Pre-Season: 11

Bob McKenzie’s 2016 TSN Draft Rankings Mid-Season: 10

Bob McKenzie’s 2016 TSN Draft Rankings Final: 17

Craig Button’s 2016 Draft Rankings: 43

Craig Button’s Scouting Report:

  • Hockey Sense: 3/5
  • Competitiveness: 3/5
  • Skating: 4/5
  • Hands: 3/5
  • Goal Scoring: 4/5
  • Projection: Goal scoring winger
    • “Trigger man. If the puck gets to him in the right spots around the net, he can score. Big and capable of imposing himself and making it difficult to deter him.”

2016 NHL Central Scouting North American Skater Rankings:

The Athletic’s Corey Pronman’s rankings:

Scott Wheeler of The Athletic recently ranked Gauthier 9th in his list of Carolina prospects.