David Quinn on the loss, deflections and defending around the net

David Quinn met with the media on MSG following the loss to the Isles and said:

  • On the game, “It’s unfortunate because I think we did a lot of good things tonight but we gave up those goals too easily. They scored way too easily. We got off to a good start but we couldn’t ride the momentum because we couldn’t do the most simplistic of things, which is that when you are standing next to someone you put your stick on them.”
  • On the deflections, “We haven’t been burnt by it but it’s been an issue. We’ve talked about, I know we will practice it tomorrow. You gotta have a little snarl around the net. That doesn’t mean kill people but deny them the net, have a little grit, put sticks on them, that is all there is to it. We didn’t do a lot of it tonight. It was a pretty safe place to be.”
  • On the call on Skjei, “First the ref doesn’t see it and then reacts to someone falling down. There was no penalty, he fell down but you gotta deal with it and kill the penalty but we didn’t. When you gotta kill 8 straight minutes of penalties in that short period of time, it impacts the game. They got two in that stretch and you get out of sync and using players more than you want to and it impacts it but you gotta react and recover and we weren’t able to. The story of the game was our lack of play around the net, we just didn’t play hard enough and pick sticks up around the net. It wasn’t the refs or anything like that, it was the fact that we didn’t pick sticks up at the net.”
  • On the rivalry, “We didn’t play well enough to win. Felt the excitement of the building but once you are playing you are playing and doing your job and the things you need to do as a coach to put your team in the best position to win.”
  • On the goalie change, “it wasn’t hard, had nothing to do with him, I don’t think he had a chance on any of them but you change things up, don’t want to subject him to how we were defending any more than he had. Maybe a goalie change inspires the team but it had nothing to do with Hank.”
  • On the Zibanejad penalty call, “He came over and apologized….whoop dee do.”