The way the Rangers need to play if they want to win games

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Prior to the start of the season, David Quinn noted that he wanted the Rangers to be “fast, physical and relentless,” noting that “if you don’t have those characteristics, you are really putting yourself behind the eight-ball to win.”

He added, “those three things are non-negotiable if you want to have a successful hockey team.”(NYR)


Quinn has noted that the Rangers focus since the start of training camp has been to win and that it hasn’t changed. (NYR)

Quinn has said repeatedly this year that the Rangers are going to lose games and have bad stretches but that the key is in how the team reacts to those situations and prevent them from snowballing. (NYR)

He has also said that there is a difference between “playing well and playing winning hockey.” (Newsday)

Quinn said a little over a week ago “we are growing up. We are playing better hockey at key times, understanding situations. You are going to lose games but the key is not to let it snowball, you don’t want one loss to turn to four. Tonight was a challenge, you lost a game and what are you going to do about it? And we found a way to win. I liked our game.” (NYR)

Following his first game as a Ranger, Ryan Strome said that his new team “works hard, “I feel like I was shocked by their work ethic and compete level, every shift is a chance to wear the other team down. No lack of hard work, it’s good to be part of. Good energetic group.” (NYR)

Marc Staal said last week that if the Rangers are going to have success they need everyone “skating” all the time. (NY Post)

Chris Kreider said that there is a “strong element of accountability” with this group and that they are developing as a group, trying to win games and “trying to make the playoffs.” (NY Post)

Henrik Lundqvist said that “it’s important that when you start a new season with a new coach and system you are looking for an identity and confidence in what you are doing and right now we have 20 guys buying into the system, we believe it, we can see that it’s working for us when everyone is committed to it.  (NYR)

Lundqvist said after the win over Ottawa, “we talked about it with the group, we just have to realize what we are and what we need to do to have success. There is no in-between or relying on this or that, it’s about hard work and paying attention to the little details of the game and when we do that we can beat anybody. If we don’t we can lose against anybody.”

Brett Howden said earlier in the year, “we don’t look at it as a rebuild, we believe we have a great team here and are looking to build this year and be a contending team. We are not looking for three-years down the road, we are focused on the task at hand and focusing on these games that are important early on.” (NYR)

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