Where should Lias Andersson be playing?

In 16 games with the Rangers this season, Lias Andersson has 1 goal, 2 assists, a minus two rating, 16 shots on goal, 23 shot attempts, 25 hits and a 45.1% faceoff percentage.

Andersson is averaging 10:54 per game overall and 11:04 in the past 10 games.

In the last seven games Andersson is averaging 11:18 but has played fewer than 8:30 thrice.


Jeff Gorton said that he believes Andersson has been “effective, progressing and playing the right way” since being called up.  (NY Post)

He added that the Rangers are developing Andersson to be a 200-foot player that will be with the organization “for a long time.” (NY Post)

Gorton said that the Rangers are assessing Andersson’s spot “all the time” and that conversations about what is best for him and the team will happen when everyone is healthy. (NY Post)

Andersson said that he will leave the decision to the organization but that he would take the opportunity to play fourth line in the NHL “anytime.” (NY Post)

He said that he doesn’t feel as if he is being “buried” on the fourth line but adds that he wants to improve his offensive game and be someone who plays in the top-six. (NY Post)

Adam Rotter: Andersson will play most of this season with the Rangers, either because of injuries or after the trade deadline, but I don’t think another short-term stay in Hartford would be the worst thing in the world. There is definitely an argument to be made about keeping him with the Rangers and around David Quinn, even if it’s around 10 minutes a night, but he also needs to play and he can likely double his ice time in Hartford. Again, I think that Andersson will play close to half the season with the Rangers and will get more ice time later in the year, but he needs to play and he can do that in Hartford if everyone on the Rangers is healthy.