McQuaid, Hayes and Zuccarello all slated to play tonight

8:15PM: McQuaid will not return to tonight’s game for precautionary reasons.

He played 5:22 in the first, took a penalty, had two hits and one blocked shot.

11:27AM: David Quinn announced that Adam McQuaid, Kevin Hayes and Mats Zuccarello will all play tonight for the Rangers against the Wild. (Stephenson, Brooks)


He said that the trio of players will be playing until he is told otherwise. (Stephenson, Brooks)

Adam Rotter: I’m more surprised about McQuaid than the other two as I expected Zuccarello and Hayes to play tonight. There is always a risk of injury but it’s a greater risk with McQuaid and how he defends by blocking shots and being physical. There is still a good amount of time until the players hit the ice for warmups around 6:30PM so something could very well change by then and keep one, two or all three players out.