Lias Andersson

Lias Andersson will play against Detroit

3/7/19 | Quinn said that Andersson will play tonight against Detroit and said, “I think there is a maturity side that has kind of evolved since September, he has a better understanding of what it’s going to take for him to have success at this level. He has done a great job with his conditioning and mindset and working at his game, I just feel really good about where he is at.” (NYR)

3/5/19 | Lias Andersson has made a lot of progress but isn’t playing against Dallas

David Quinn said that Lias Andersson will be a healthy scratch tonight against the Stars.


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On what he has seen from Andersson since he was called up, Quinn said “I really like what I’ve seen. I know that he is sitting out tonight and you might wonder ‘why are you sitting him’ but one of the things is that I think he is in a completely different mindset. We had a great conversation today, he fully understands why he isn’t playing tonight. He’s made a lot of progress, he’s a much better player today than he was 2 and a half months ago. Give him a lot of credit for making the adjustments he made, they have done a great job with him in Hartford. You are going to see a lot of Lias between now and when our season ends. If I thought this was going to hurt his development, he’d be in the lineup.”