Mats Zuccarello Rumors

The Stars won’t discuss a possible Zuccarello extension until after the season

Stars GM Jim Nill said that he isn’t in a rush to engage Mats Zuccarello in contract extension talks and that those discussions will happen after the playoffs. (Dallas Sports Day)

The 2020 third round pick that the Rangers acquired as part of the Zuccarello package would turn into a 2020 1st round pick if Zuccarello stays in Dallas.

The 2019 second round pick the Rangers acquired as part of the Zuccarello package turns into a 2019 first round pick if the Stars reach the Western Conference Final and Zuccarello plays in half the games.


Nill said that the Red Wings, when Nill was assistant GM, tried to sign Zuccarello following the 2010 Olympics  and added “you love his energy. He’s kind of a magnet. He’s just a hockey player. He loves hockey. He lives and breathes hockey.” (Dallas Sports Day)

Heading into Wednesday night, Dallas is in the first Wild Card spot in the west with 77 points. They have a 86.5% chance of making the playoffs according to Sports Club Stats.