Cool Rangers/Marvel goalie mask for Rangers trainer

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It was so fun to paint this mask for Timmy Webb🕸🕷. Timmy works as a trainer at New York Rangers🗽, and sometimes he is also a goalie🥅, of course you must have a sweet pro mask then😊👍🏻. Timmy had an awesome idea, he wanted to pay tribute to the man, the myth, the legend, Mr Stan Lee💪🏻💥. I am also a huge fan of Mr Lee so to paint and create this design was a dream for me🙏🏻. I love to mix paint techniques, on this mask Mr Lee is painted with airbrush, and all the heroes with pencils✍🏻, just like old school retro drawings. Thanks Timmy! It was so awesome to paint this Storyteller mask for you!📕🙏🏻🎨 @tj.webb35 @nyrangers @nhl #DaveArt #nhl #DaveArtTheCradleOfCreativity 🤓 #DaveArtTheStoryCreator 📕

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Webb is listed as a Special Assistant to the Equipment Staff.