David Quinn on Buchnevich, Lemieux and more

David Quinn met with the media following practice on Sunday and said (NYR):

  • Updates on Kreider, “still day to day, won’t be available tomorrow but inching his way to health.”
  • Is there a good feeling after last night, “winning feels great. We haven’t done it in a while and against a good team, in a great environment and the way you do it. You block as many shots as we did, with the mindset that we did and you feel good about it. It’s not just the winning, but how you win too.The effort you put into that, I thought we did a good job with that.”
  • On guys feeling they wanted to do whatever it took to win, “I think so but I think that started against Detroit, we made a lot of good strides, just weren’t able to score goals. There was a lot of good that went into that Detroit game, just weren’t able to score goals but there was certainly a lot of good that went into that game, we just weren’t rewarded from a winning/losing standpoint. Last night, against a different type of team, we did what we needed to do and there was an urgency to our game.”
  • On Buchnevich’s recent play, “I think it’s the natural progression of a young player, there are peaks and valleys and I have talked about this a lot, guys just don’t come here and become great players over night. There is adversity that these players have to face to get to the next level and to have success at this level you need to do things that you probably haven’t had to do before and it’s a whole new level and learning experience and you compound the fact that he comes over here from Russia and English is his second language and there is a lot of hurdles for everybody. He wants to be great and sometimes there are battles with him but at the end of the day he has done a heck of a job over the last month.”
  • Do you like his game beyond the goals, “yea, I like his demeanor, intentions, the goals are a by-product of him doing the things he needs to do to put himself in offensive situations. You can have all the skill and talent that you want but at this level you need to do things to allow your skill-set to influence the game and I think he is doing that now.”
  • On Brendan Lemieux to the top line, “I thought he did a good job, some good things for sure, instrumental in the goal and going to the net and creating the havoc he did at the net. He’s in a role that he hasn’t been in at this level, playing with some really good players and against the other team’s top line. When you play with Zibanejad and Buchnevich you are, in all likelihood, going to see their top players, it’s a different challenge for him throughout the game.”
  • Has anything with Lemieux surprised you, “no, I didn’t know him as a player, I knew he was a hard nosed kid. I think I’m a little surprised, from a skill standpoint at what he can do, with that said, he can’t lose sight of who he is and what will allow him to have success at this level. I think his skill is a by-product of his mentality, the thing that jumped out at me was that he had nine goals in limited ice time, you knew there was some offense there and the capability to score some goals. I think there is an offensive side to his game that is untapped.”
  • Are you thinking of shutting down Fast, “yea, we are still going through that but will err on the side of caution for sure, nothing official on that.”
  • On Marc Staal, “last night, lower-body issue at the end of the game. We will monitor it, I don’t know what his status will be for tomorrow.”